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  1. EB .011-.054's on mine. I play .011's on just about all my electrics but the Beefy Slinky's really tighten things up on the Firebird.
  2. I'm biased because of my '45, but I still pick the '45 out of this video. I can't tell if the '45 has that pronounced of a mid-range hump or if the '35 is that 'scooped'. Overall I like the '45 better but I can see where the '35 might cut through better in a group setting.
  3. I like it! Do you guys have a website or anything with more stuff?
  4. Great song. I actually found this song when Zac Brown Band covered it, but love both versions.
  5. Exactly. I like the guys music, but not enough to buy a guitar solely based on his endorsement/name. As far as I know, Gibson doesn't make a commonly available Southern Jumbo in th e True Vintage vein, so this is about it. I've played a couple and both of them were fantastic instruments. In all honesty, if I can track one down, it will probably be getting a plain truss rod cover as well.
  6. Been looking for an SJ to go with my J45, and it seems like the Aaron Lewis model is out of stock everywhere. Has Gibson discontinued it? I know it was more of a vintage inspired model, but it seemed like that was the closest I could find to a Southern Jumbo 'Standard'.
  7. Have the same one for the same reason. Tunes up close enough to my strobe tuners to call it a draw and is as about as inconspicuous as it gets. Best $15 or so I've spent in a while!
  8. I've been looking at one of these to replace my Element. Am I reading right that there is no longer any under saddle transducer with this system, just the stick on microphone? I'm hoping that one of these in my '45 will let me use less of the Aura DI's imaging voodoo to get a decent live sound.
  9. 45slinger

    New Case

    I think these are fairly new product, so I haven't seen a review yet. Amazon had the desert tan ones for $100 less than the black version ($199 vs $299) a few months ago.
  10. I haven't come across a style that I play where my '45 hasn't at least held its own. The guy behind the guitar, on the other hand...
  11. Looks like these are similar: D'Andrea Thumb Picks These are pretty heavy as well: Dunlop White Thumbpicks Good luck on the search!
  12. I've been finding the tan version for $199 online and the black version is showing up for $299, but no one seems to have the black one in stock. I'll be checking back for feedback as well because this case is on my short list for my J-45.
  13. Oh I thoroughly enjoyed the tunes on your soundcloud page as well! I really need to get mine set up one of these days.
  14. Congrats on the new amp! They have a couple at the local open stage that I play through every once in a while. They sound great with proper glass in them and are a heck of a lot easier to move around than my old Hot Rod Deville 4x10
  15. I have a Peterson Strobostomp2 (the pedal version of the Stroboflip) on my electric pedalboard and love it. The sweetened tunings really do make a difference. I have a Planet Waves headstock tuner for now, but I'm looking to pick up another Peterson pedal tuner for the acoustic board. Didn't know they made a clip on version: I'll have to check it out. Thanks!
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