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  1. I thought I would share something. If you don't know, it is kind of hard to find a good upgrade pickup that will drop into an EB-O. It's expensive also. As far as I'm concerned, free is always better than cheap. I thought out of the box and boxed my Washburn Humbucker. I had a couple of Washburn HB's from when I upgraded my Washburn Electric guitar. Nice clear pickups, but not much balls. Clear is much better for bass. So I removed the muddy, boomby from the EB-O, I simply put the six string HB under the cover for the EB-O factory pickup, R
  2. Nice save, I saved a Rock Bass also. It had a bow and a bad twist in the neck. I ended up grinding the neck strait and making it fretless. I liked the stock pickups. It sounded pretty cool, Tabdog
  3. My first electric guitar project was done in 1972 It's up for sale iffin ya want ta shell out some bucks Just kidding. I wouldn't sell it for tha moon, Tabdog
  4. As mentioned, it does not really mean much to say a MIM is as good or worse than a MIA or Squier. I had a MIM Strat. It was about a 1996. It was a run of MIM strats that went from around 1992 til the late 1990's. The sunburst finish cost $50 extra and it was actually a one piece alder body. It had ceramic pickups that were not up to par with the guitar. The guitar was definitively a player. I sold it after I got my MIA Fender Prodigy "Super Strat". In production from 1991-1993. It is better in every respect except the output jack, The necks and bodies were cu
  5. Is that what they call "slap bass"? Tabdog
  6. You can not get doddlie squat out of it compared to how it sounds. You will have a hard time reproducing that sound for much more than you can get by selling it, Tabdog
  7. Eggs Quoted; @tabdog: Nice save @woodfixer: Welcome... & look here http://www.epiphonew...title=Rock_Bass ... & great thread guys Thanks for the link. That clears my fogy mind a little, lol Tabdog
  8. Hay WoodFixer, Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Thx eggs...says the Rock bass is a maple body but this one (tabdogs)sure is plywood? Anyway can't believe plywood sounds this good. If someone told me I would be selling some beloved basses for this, i would never of believe it.Damn great funk machine!!! Technically, plywood is laminated wood. I do believe this bass is laminated alder/maple. It is obviously not what we normally think of plywood. Also, that stuff is really dense and strong. I totally agree with you. This bass is a tone and funk machine.
  9. I think I have one of those. Does it look like this? Mine seems to be made out of plywood. I guess it could be laminated alder/maple. Someone glued the neck to the neck pocket. I defretted mine and it sounds awesome, Tabdog
  10. Nice looking bass. I have 3 SS basses. They are fun, Tabdog
  11. Thanks RTH, No, there is only a joint in the headstock. I didn't give up on it because I have discovered fretless. I wanted to know how a Jazz bass would work fretless. My funds are sorely lacking, so I have to do it on a budget. I have defretted 3 basses so far in my sonic search, Tabdog
  12. Hi folks, I came across an old Epi Rock bass. It had some real issues. Someone glued the neck on with what looks like Liquid Nails. I had to tear the old plywood body up some just to get the neck off, I had to totally re-wire it. I wired it with 500K pots and an Orange Drop just like this, The fretboard had a hump and a ramp on the end. So after I got the frets off, I took that out, Put lines on and Tru-Oiled the fretboard, It's a nice sounding and playing, cheap fretless Jazz bass. I have less than $40 invested, Tabdog
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