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  1. Well, just got back a while ago with my brand new SG Special faded Cherry, hooked it up to my Marshall and it kicks major crack. Thanks for the advice guys, I'm gonna love this one. Any reccomendations for a forums or email list for setting up a small home recording setup? I bought a M-Audio DMP2 preamp a couple weeks ago, and with my dynamic mic plugged in, I can record a fairly decent signal, but need some advice on other equipment. Rock.
  2. Hi BlindDog, Thanks for the info. What do the other pickups provide you with regarding the sound? Frankly, I am not savvy about the equipment as far as what sounds better and what the possibilities are for modifying an SG once I get it. Also, I am wondering from your name if you are also blind, if so I am looking for a good email list for blind musicians if you know of one. Thanks again, Che
  3. Hi all, I am looking to buy a SG, having played one at my local Guitar Center last week. The one I played was going for around $600, think it was called SG Faded Special but I'm not sure about the model type beyond that. Apparently it doesn't have the more finished look of higher end models, which is fine with me, I'm not conserned how it looks, just how it sounds. I am hoping to spend less than $1000 if possible. What would you guys recommend? I've been playing a Mexican Strat up until now, but I like the sound and feel of the SG much more than the Fender. Any advice greatly appreciated. Also, I hope this went to the right thread, I am blind and sometimes my screenreader leads me in strange directions. Thanks. "Its real funny until someone gets hurt, then its just hilarious." - Brother Bill Hicks
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