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  1. Sad to hear about Homz. He will be missed.
  2. From where I stand it seems to me that the simplicity of scale patterns is both a great thing but it can also be a crux. Most of us here realize that there are a few shapes of the major scale that covers the entire fret board. If you want to change keys you only need to move those patterns and they all fit like a puzzle - this scale is always next to that scale etc... This is the beauty of it's simplicity. Once you learn the patterns in one key, they are all the same. It is a crux because it is easy to stay within only those patterns. We learn a few favorite riffs (which can be many for s
  3. I actually run my reverb and delay in line with all my other effects. The C-lator thru the effects loop brings a smoothness to the overall drive sound. It just sounds so much better with the C-lator. I also use it at home as a type of power brake. I can crank up the tube distortion on the amp and keep the volume low with the C-lator. Here's a pic of my OTS with the C-lator mounted below the speaker. I wish I had inset handles installed on the cab. I built the amp but not the cabinet - I'm not much for woodworking whereas the electrical comes easy for me.
  4. Looks nice. If I may make 2 suggestions based on experience from my own D clone build. 1. Get the C-lator - the tube one. I had a spot built below my speaker for it. I can post a pic if you're interested. 2. Place handles on the side of the amp - In a combo form it is super heavy (I had mine in a head and switched to combo)
  5. My two favorite straps are from Franklin - padded glove straps. Soft, wide, and comfortable. Franklin padded glove straps
  6. It is a good looking top and finish - not my style but nice looking all the same. I'll be the first to admit I don't know the complete history of custom shop models so all I can do is look at mine and note some differences. For example, those grover tuners - I would research and see if this was normal practice for this model and year. Also, have you checked the serial number? Mine does not begin with CS (custom shop) but mine is newer so perhaps at one time they did? idk? My custom shop does not have "Made in the USA" stamped on the back of the headstock either. However, my '78 Norlin
  7. I guess you're just a magnet for hot topics which happen to get locked. Or you're interested in talking about real world events that happen to get locked.
  8. I recently started going to an open mic night in my town. I am not much of a singer but open mic gives me a chance to practice singing in front of people. An added benefit is getting to know some of the locals and the bar owner who hires the bands to play. My guitar chops are good enough to the point where I don't feel I have to compete with anyone (at locally) but my singing needs work as does singing while playing.
  9. Coffee -yes mmmmmm Ground is best - with a burr grinder so all of the grinds get an even consistency. Fresh cold water - I have a filtered water picture I keep in the fridge Coffee maker - I like a cone filter (not the mr. coffee type basket filter) as it seems to pass through the grinds better and more evenly distributed. Beans - favorite is Kona either from Loin Kona or Ferrari kona However, kona is very expensive so I usually only buy it around Christmas time as a celebration coffee. Beans vary from year to year it seems and I like to try different ones from around the wor
  10. Hey Chrisdude is has been a long time, but good to see ya. The only advice I have is to go out and play them yourself - if you buy it because it sounded great he will appreciate the time you took to hand pick the right one. Remember, you can always take the pickguard off.
  11. I'm having a new cabinet made and the speaker for it arrived yesterday. Now I just need to break it in so it will be ready when the cabinet arrives in another week or two. There is almost no easier way to change the sound of your amp than by changing the speaker. I ordered my cabinet from Amplified Nationif any of you are interested.
  12. Al DiMeola - Elegant Gypsy Larry Carlton - Fire Wire Al Dimeola, John McClaughlin, Paco Delucia - Saturday night in San Fransico Chet Atkins - CGP
  13. The concert was great, but she didn't do Jolene. I didn't know she played guitar until this concert. She did a few songs playing a SG (or SG type - too far away to see the brand). Really a great show sitting outside under the stars and moon at Red Rocks. This was my first concert at Red Rocks too, so if I couldn't see U2 I thought this would be a great next best thing.
  14. she has such an awesome voice. She does this song very well, but then again she does most songs well.
  15. I'm going to see Norah Jones at Red Rocks tomorrow night! She has an excellent voice.
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