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  1. Very nice looking. One of these days I will build and 18watter. After my current Dumble build and the Train Wreck I've have most of the parts for. One of these days... The word on the street is that those Zoso caps take longer to break in. I use them sparingly and usually on the tone controls. It would be nice to hear a sound comparison of when you first finish to after 100 hours of playing. Just a thought.
  2. I've had to put my soldering iron down for a while - just too busy. Here are some past DIY projects: Apostle Paul Amp Apostle John Amp: BYOC project: One of my Monkey pedals - not sure which one?
  3. Thanks for the link for the amp kit. However, my $$ and job situation has changed and I don't have the $$ for anything like that right now.

  4. I thought you might be interested in this.

    They're the PC boards for the SLO 100/50 watt Super Lead Overdrive.

    Check it out.


  5. Third Day: Offerings II All I have to give specifically "Creed" which was originally written by Rich Mullins.
  6. Hey Pumpkin how are things down your way?

  7. Matt, this reminds me of Al DiMeola. Great job!
  8. I lived in Texas for a few years. where are you? Nice testimony by the way. I'm not "religious" either - it's all about the relationship.

  9. hey man where ya been? Still playing guitar?

  10. Hey, good to know you love Jesus too, brother!

  11. Glad I could help in that... I think. Just having some fun. Matt is truly and excellent player with a very nice touch. One day my wife and I will make it back to England and it would be fun to hang out with him and his wife, play guitar, and eat pizza.
  12. Thank you for the compliment on Suite in D! That was co-written with an old friend who has since gone to be with the Lord. This was our best piece for sure. We recorded an entire album but only 3 are on my tribute to Jerry (Elgin Jazz group) myspace page.

  13. **** me, slap me twice across the face with a dead fish LOL, suite in D is not just good in a typical internet way good, it is a damn master piece.

    bloody hell!

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