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  1. i feel exactly the same way. and the same thing pertains. i like listening to other stuff but do not play it. i always play my own way but listen to different stuff ive just grown out of that phase although i do still dabble in it from time to time...sometimes i need it the heavy stuff but today couldnt do it. had to be something more relaxing due to the rough days behind me..
  2. nice. so you use pro tools at home too of course...right? mbox come with protools?
  3. nice..i wanna play...;) so sequel 3 are ths same as Cubase. i like the drums in Cubase 5 just wondering if the other programs are better. probably..since they are geared solely to drums.
  4. wuts up Ray its cool to see a Fullsail grad here. I did music biz though. finished in 08' but im in my 30's. Its grown a lot since then. Did you do the engineering degree? I currently use Cubase 5 but am looking into reaper for ease of use ;)
  5. yea i just downloaded a free trial from Reaper and it looks amazingly easy and simple compared to Cubase. I use Cubase 5 right now but Reaper is becoming pretty attractive and it seems like its growing in popularity for ease of use. I might switch. Or integrate both.
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