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    Family, good food, wine, beer, and time for me to relax and play the guitar. I am getting my life back.
  1. I just picked up my 2013 Standard Plus, Desert Burst. Here is a pic with just a few of her new siblings.
  2. I work for John Williams, that's all I'll tell ya.
  3. Note taken, I will write a follow up. For now I will say my guitar's finish looked dull and hazy prior to using Virtuoso Cleaner. There were many fine scratched just from normal use. I do take care of all my instruments. I have tried many other products and have even asked jewlers how to clean my Gretsch G6120 AM with gold plated hardware. I first started to use the Virtuoso polish on the back of my guitar. I didn't know what to expect, I couldn't believe how it restored the nitrocellulose finish. It became just as clear as the day I bought the guitar. I proceded to polish the rest of my SG and I was just amazed. The fine scratches were gone, discolorations of age dissapeared. Wow, I work for the Boston Symphony and I quickly told my peers that I knew played the guitar that they have to try this stuff out. I am waiting to hear their replies.
  4. I picked up some "Virtuoso Guitar Cleaner and Polish". I though the stuff was awesome. I just wanted to pass that on. I used it on my 1978 SG it came out great.
  5. Hi, After years of hard work and raising my family I am back into my guitar, now guitars. When I was 14 I bought a new 1978 Brown Mahogany SG. I PAID $349.00. I know this was during the Norlin era. Mine is a 61 reissue and I have kept it in mint condition. I think all engineers savor their toys. I am curious about the status in Gibson history about this guitar. I know I don't even see many 78 SG's on the market. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks,
  6. I just got my wine red classic custom today. What a good looking axe. I got home too late to plug it in. I hope that they really are a limited run. I am not sure if I am believing those words any more.
  7. I guess I was lucky I ordered mine on amazon and it will be here tomorrow.
  8. I am bringing my Les Paul's to Tanglewood this summer. Maybe find some people to jam with.

  9. I just picked one up last week. This is one awesome guitar. Plays great, fast neck, weight is just right. Fit and finish was great. I am lovin this guitar. I love my studio pro plus red velvet too. The studio pro plus guitar sound very, very, different than the Traditional. Push pull knobs on the red velvety are nice. New Marshall amp sound great together with the LP. I haven't played my Gretsch G6120. I guess getting 3 new LP's in a month will make that happen. I am looking forward to getting my life back and having some fun.
  10. I have a 78 reissues I bought new for $349.00. I still have it in mint condition. It is my sacred guitar. Enjoy!
  11. I have others with the nitro finish and they didn't have the vanilla scent. Spent the day off by lining all of my guitars up and playing them all.
  12. Hi, I just received a new LP traditional. I opened the case and a waif of scent over came me. Now, this is my fourth Gibson and none of the others has this unique scent. What is it? Can I buy it and use it in my other cases? I really like the way it smells, like a new car.
  13. I agree, I love the worn brown and just ordered one. I really like the 60's style neck is easier for me to work. I have the 60's neck on my SG and could not believe the difference between the 50's and 60's necks. I should get my guitar next week.
  14. I really like my chambered Les Paul's. The weight of the solid body kept me on the SG and Gretsch G6120 road. I have two Les Paul's both chambered and I love their sound. Real rock n roll nasty and sweet. They are a little rough around the edges, frets can be high, I feel that even though there's no binding there is a lack of craftsmanship going into the studio brand. A lack of astetic details like keeping the stain off the fret board, small stuff that can all add up.. Quantity over quality to sum it up seems to be priority. I Love the sound and weight, gibson just needs to pay more attention to finish work.
  15. I have been waiting for 2 months now for my anniversary flood blue swirl. I hear they are not making them any more and I hear they are? What's the deal? Does anyone know? Is any one at Gibson reading these posts? Just let me know. Don't smoke me and draw me out by telling me they are on "Back Order". I'll buy another Gretsch G6120 if I am behind drawn out. I am getting kind of fed up.
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