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  1. Folks, i've got a question that's likely best-suited for the Fender site, but I've got issues posting pictures there, and I figure that you have been so helpful before, you just might be able to help me this time. I've got an old Fender Bronco solid-state with a nice upgraded speaker (8 ohms), and I've got a monster Hughes & Kettner 12" speaker cab with the Celestion classics (16 ohms). I connected the cab to the amp and the amp the the CC that you see in the picture, and it was pure heavenly bliss; however, when I turned the "fat" switch on, I lost the sound from the amp and only had the sound from the H&K cab. Upon unplugging the cab, I was back to the Fender without an issue. Upon replugging, It was merely the H&K all over again. My question, of course, is how do I get them both to sound at the same time (they did when I first plugged them in, so I assume there's got to be a trick). In the meantime, I'm very much enjoying the little baby Bronco (which was monstrously bad before I put a little Weber alnico in it) through the H&K cab, because it sounds like I got the most massive upgrade you can ever imagine on that little POS. But again, if anyone's got a trick to get them both to play together, I'd appreciate it. I do have a second H&K cab, if that helps to straighten out the whole "ohm" issue (if that is, at all, the issue). I appreciate your help, jojo712
  2. Folks, Earlier this year I ordered a Custom Classic goldtop that, despite its beauty, tone, and interminable sustain, was extremely "buzzy" whenever it was not being touched on the metal. It was about three times worse than any other LP I've played. When I got tired of this buzz, I looked up Gibson's warranty repair folks, and noticed that the closest (I'm in Miami) was more than 50 miles away (in Delray Beach). I took the trip, and I must tell you that it was a trip well-spent. The owner of the shop (Michael) diagnosed my switch as the problem, ordered a new switch, and promptly fixed my guitar. I'll pick it up on Monday, but I'm told the switch was fixed and it's quiet as a mouse. So if you're anywhere nearthe East Coast of Florida, get your troubled LPs to "Guitar Hospital," a little hole-in-the-wall shop that performs warranty work for your axe. Not only was it a great experience to meet someone (who is down-to-earth) with that level of knowledge, but it was also quick service, quick diagnosis, and very well-worth driving any number of miles to get this level of service. Guitar Hospital - don't forget it.
  3. Amen to that! My DR500mce is here to stay and play. I'd give up my Martin OM before the Masterbilt, and that's saying a heckuva lot.
  4. The Hughes and Kettner Tubemeister 18 is available, though, at Sam Ash. The head was $599 and the cab was about $200. The Hughes and Kettner is a beast, though, and as far as bedroom amps go, it's amazing, since you can set the mode to 1 watt, 5 watts, and 18 watts (which will blow your neighbor's doors off). The fact that this little amp is so responsive to small adjustments is what makes it impressive. A little push of the gain makes it take on the voices of different amps altogether, while clean is just about "fender" clean. You really can't go wrong with the Hughes and Kettner amps. I'm glad gibsonjunkie mentioned his. Here's another vote for H&K.
  5. My CC is totally the guitar of the future. I stopped considering the traditionals and standards after playing one. I think you can always find a traditional, if you want it, and its specs are always going to be about the same. The CC is selling out to the point that it's showing "expected" dates on most sites, rather than "in stock." The CC is pure tone and pure beauty. You can't go wrong.
  6. You seemed to like mine, glenncc, and I got it just three or four months ago online. PM me if you want the site name. It's satin honeyburst, and the back is dark brown, not black. It's a 2011 model, and it plays like a dream. It doesn't contain a line delineating between the cap and the body, but I think those were made for export.
  7. I was introduced to the Pulp song "Common People" (and by extension to Pulp) during a live Tori show in West Palm Beach. Her version was amazing, as was her version of "Famous Blue Raincoat" in another concert. Her covers are awesome.
  8. Wow, I was unaware of the existence of the "platinum rooms"; thanks for this enormous bit of knowledge. I have one less than an hour away in Hallandale.
  9. Thank you. You could've fooled me. I honestly thought that the standards were all weight-relieved until this year; now I know they just changed the chambering system. Judging from the x-rays, this is an enormous change whose repercussions are bound to be felt. Just asking: will the studio versions be chambered in the same manner? This was what I saw on the Gibson video (from their luthier).
  10. I searched for them today in all the websites, and I can honestly say that NOW they're officially out. When this message was posted, it was a little premature, so I abstained from posting because I had just ordered my goldtop; however, it looks like now we would really be in a very tight spot if we were to go searching for one. I looked at the most reliable webspots and they truly are out, with an announcement asking you to "pre-order." For those of us who got our CC's, we know exactly what a deal and what a beauty we got. The rest just might have missed this ark.
  11. Thanks for the positive feedback, folks. I will certainly look into the sub-forum recommended above. So far, this little LP is playing as beautifully as ever.
  12. How was the "weight relief" on it? How does it compare with your swiss cheese 2008? Did you feel a difference in weight and sound, or was it merely the neck that was your dealbreaker?
  13. Go with the "Gibson Les Paul 2012 Studio - slim fast 60's style, 490r & 498t tapped"; you're going to appreciate the neck a little more. It's going to be easier to play, and if you're coming from another platform you're going to feel more at home; of course, saving for the triple the price standard is the way to go, but if you're tapped out the studio is going to rock your world. You really can't go wrong with the studio: so what if they're missing a few embellishments? At least you don't have to worry about scratching up finishes and your oh so precious guitar.
  14. So the studios have the same kind of weight relief as the Standard now? It's what our master luthier said, but I have to wrap my head around that. If you ask me, folks, this type of weight relief will be "spreading." I'd get as much swiss cheese as I could before everything goes this way.
  15. Ordered a goldtop a couple of weeks back from ZZounds. The thing is a dream come true. Stamped 2012, but you're right: availability is waning.
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