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  1. That really DOES look fun! And what a great pic..thanks!
  2. Yes I have always admired him. A very decent and honest guy it seems. And he had such good taste in guitars too!
  3. EuroAussie...I agree totally about the overtones on a rosewood...while beautiful and complex, they do seem to tend to sort of over ride the voice at times, on certain songs and music.
  4. Jeremy. I agree totally! And thank you, you have helped very much indeed! I really value open mined opinions on these matters! Hummingbirds have a tone that just seems to complement the voice,warm and rich... not to mention they are utterly beautiful looking guitars.I imagine it has a lot to do with the mahogany and bracing. Few guitar makers manufacture more beautiful looking guitars than Gibson does! Gibson wrote the book on original looking guitars! I do know that I have stated many times, that my guitar acquisition syndrome (GAS)..was over. But a good Gibson Hummingbird could easily bring
  5. I agree some things seem to be subjective. But money is not the issue. Quality is all that counts. I'm glad you like you Epi's as well! But yes I do believe my Masterbilt does rival a Hummingbird providing both are set up well. The choice as always, belongs to the owner. This in no way derides a Hummingbird however. A good guitar is a good guitar no matter what the head stock names says right? Enjoy your Hummingbird. There are few guitars a beautiful, or as delicious sounding, as a genuine Gibson Hummingbird!
  6. Roy plays in heaven now, where people cry for joy. God bless him forever. I plan on playing with him one day up there! Well...unless I end up in the furnace room!
  7. There are those who say I speculate on my guitar. I would beg to respectfully dis-agree. In my view, and from MY OWN experience, those who have paid for and own a $3000 guitar check in regularly with it to make sure its was worth $3000. It's just my humble opinion but, but I think many like I in the past, have hypnotized themselves into firmly believing that they did not get cheated, and that their guitar was fully worth the price. It is funny isn't it? Listen to someone pridefully boast of their magnificient $3000 Gibson, or Martin, or Taylor. You can see in their eyes that they believe they
  8. Yes I'm finding that mahogany does seem to be better for vocals, at least on this Masterbilt. Most of my work is vocal, however I have had other mahogany guitars that seemed colorless.Rosewood Martins that seemed too bloomy,and Maples that were just too dry. I play a wide array of 60's, 70's, 80's, and some recent acoustic pieces as well. From Dillon, to the beatles, from the Eagles, to Led Zepplin's Stairway to Heaven, Harry Chapin, Cat Stevens, James Taylor to name just a few...so I needed a guitar that could handle a wide array of variation and that would be responsive to my every strike. T
  9. Thanks you guys, for all your helpful answers so far. I have just bought a new Masterbilt AJ500M,since they are now out of production and may never be available again. It cost just $424 on sale at Musicians Friend, and it is delighting me beyond my wildest dreams. I have owned many fine premium high priced acoustic guitars, including the Gibson Mahogany woody Guthrie AJ...the Gibson AJ Rosewood 30's reproduction, and the Gibson SJ-200 Maple Reissue, and none of them hit the sweet spot for me....but none has pleased me as much as this new Masterbilt AJ500M. It's sound is simply perfect. And I d
  10. MikeC...perhaps you could teach your wife to play the guitar, then you could start buying her guitars, and you could play them! ...GAS is a terrible thing..lol!
  11. To me an AJ is the best guitar of all. I've owned many Dreds, and Jumbo's and Auditorium guitars...but my favorite is the AJ. The sound and tone, are not to be beat by anyone.
  12. Then pick guard should have been made smaller to fit it, so the rosette is not covered. It is either poor design on Gibsons part, or poor taster by their engineers. My Gibson AJ was the same way, and I hated it. It looks stupid and poorly designed. It's one of those things that I would think of when I consider "Fit and Finish" on a Guitar. And Gibson is not exactly known for good "Fit and Finish." I sold the AJ. after the first string change a chip came out of the bottom of the bridge when I pulled the pin out. The dot to the left of one of the end pins was off also and was not drilled right.
  13. My 2001 SJ-200 had no tone, poor and sloppy paint at fret board body joint, paint that went bad even tho it was kept polished and humidified to 50%, the pick guard designs came off within two weeks of playing (the guitar cost $3500), and the pick guard then started to peel off after two years. Junk. I dumped it to some Gibson lover who thought Gibson walks on water. Had two other Gibsons..AJ Mahogany Southern Jumbo and also an AJ Rosewood. Sold them. Both junk. Bought two Epiphone Masterbuilts. Both are better than the Gibsons and together they both cost only $1000. Your choice here on the J20
  14. The factory does not send out Hummingbirds with 80/20 strings...your guitar had stock gibson PB strings, unless someone at the music store changed them before selling, which is possible.
  15. You need Elixir NANOWEB as these are (MUCH thinner than POLYWEB) 80/20.. the brown strings are phosphor bronze, and the gold strings are 80/20...which makes for a much brighter cleaner sound. ...btw..SHAME on Gibson and other guitar companies not knowing..or refusing to tell buyers what strings they are shipped with.They WANT you to have to buy 20 sets of strings to reproduce your guitars sound, making them money at our expense. Elixir is an independent company which does not make guitars. I have boycotted all guitar maker strings. Elixirs are simply the best, and they are honest, unlike the g
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