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  1. I was just at Jazz Fest in New Orleans and a majority of the performers I watched were using a Snark.
  2. This. Eva Cassidy 'Know You By Heart.'
  3. Thanks! That's about 15 minutes from the house.
  4. Will be down for Jazz Fest in a couple of weeks. Staying at the family house on Lakeshore near City Park. Do you have any gigs planned April 327 through May 2?
  5. TEXT OF ACTUAL LETTER FROM GIBSON'S LAWYERS TO MARTIN GUITAR COMPANY. Dear Martin Lawyers, Please stop manufacturing this guitar. We want to be the only one's not selling any of this hideous looking model. Thanks, Signed The Gibson Lawyers.
  6. My J45 is not what I would consider a canon by any means. I don't think they were designed to be so someone please correct me if I am wrong. Besides, you have a pickup in there for a reason. Want louder? Plug it in. Is it the best sounding example you could have purchased? Who knows. Have you played every example that exists? My feeble advice? Don't compare it to other instruments. If you like the tone - and it sounds like you do, focus on yours.
  7. They are not planning to install those abominations on the acoustics are they? Please say no. No silly holograms or auto tuning systems.
  8. I love vintage guitars as much as anyone, but for $25,000 I'd purchase a great piano, have all the bass note clarity I need and with the money I still have left I'd get a really good HD28v. I know it's not exactly what you are looking for, but that guitar has great clear bass for days.
  9. My J45 has some finish sinking exactly as you describe. I keep mine humidified and it's been like that since I purchased it. My vote is this is normal and part of a thin finish on wood grain. Look at the top shoulders, you can see some finish sinking.
  10. Central NJ here and ditto. Humidity has been perfect the last week or so. Guitar sounds much better in the mid 40s.
  11. Was he doubled by another guitar in this video? It sounds really full for a direct mic'ed D28.
  12. OK.... 1. If you are used to phosphor bronze these will look a little strange. All silver versus the brass color of the others. 2. They are definitely a string with what I would consider a reduced tension. They bend easier and feel more loose. EDIT: I just checked the tension and there is about 1.5 pound difference between the Retro strings and the Martin Lifespans I had on there before. The Retros just feel like there is less tension for some reason. 3. New they sound good on the J45. Not overly bright and zingy. They have a nice woody tone. Of course they have been on
  13. It's a rainy Sunday so I thought I would throw a set of Martin Retro Monel strings on my J45 today. Wish me luck. (Will a Gibson explode if you use Martin strings?)
  14. Here is a good video for string differences. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sZb9YjL-N8
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