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  1. If it were that simple I would do it. :) Need the money - will likely sell it on ebay.
  2. I did but my recording system just died so the representation of it's sound is in limbo. I will post as soo as I get it fixed.
  3. The nut is 1 11/16" wide. Contrast that to my vintage Harmony 12 string which is 1 3/4 wide at the nut. It is a great sounding guitar and fun to play. My problem generally is that I have short stubby fingers, which are now starting to get arthritic so play this is getting to be more difficult. I find myself playing my nylon string guitar or other "wider neck" instruments more frequently. Anyway, thanks for the post, not sure what I am going to do with this instrument, hate to part with it but on the other hand it is a sin (IMHO) to have an instrument just hanging on the wall not being played..
  4. Thanks for the quick response. New to this Forum, excuse the obvious missteps in using it.
  5. I purchased an Epiphone Riveria 12-string some years ago at a yard sale for a very cheap price. After getting the neck adjusted, getting the right case (came in acoustic guitar case) I started play ing. One problem I had was intonation since the octave strings were on the same adjustable saddle piece. I replace this with a fully compensated saddle which I acquired on e-bay. All that is background. What I am really trying to figure outs is there a way to tell if this is one of the reissue models made in Japan in the early 90's. All the pictures I have seen would support that supposition. The serial number is R971 0526. I have looked on the Epiphone site - but have not found an easy way to determine when it was made, or place of origin. Any suggestions or input is greatly appreciated. Also, does anyone know what these things are worth these days?. Are they rare or easy to find. I have only seen the earlier version which are very valuable but I assume the Japanese re-issues are much less so. Thanks! smalaney
  6. Mea culpa. Perhaps it I'd just the nature of my day job, and the rather bad day I was having, that caused it to come out in such a negative fashion. I also appreciate that my views are at odds with the majority, but I have received some useful and thoughtful responses and I appreciate those replys.. As I stated, the cavity where the pots and the switch is located are being shielded (as some have pointed out) and the grounding is being thoroughly re-checked. I am reminded by the story of the man who marries a woman and he comes enjoy an old family pot roast recipe. After watching her make it a few time he is struck by the fact that she cuts off an inch off each end of the roast before cooking, so he asks why. Her reply is that her mother made it that way and she did not want to diviate from the recipe for fear of changing the flavor and quality. He calls his mother in-law ands gets basically the same answer. Finally he calls the grand mother who tell him "I had to cut off an inch at each end of the roast In order to get it to fit into the only roasting pan I had and it just became a habit." Reissue for me should also encompass one of the original main criteria for buildinkg these guitars, which would be to make the best quality instrument that one can. Craftsmenship. The day I wrote at post I was confronted in my job with 2 different scenarios where people were doing things out of habit without examining to process to see if they could produce a better product. I have always respected craftsmen. The guitar I bought seemed more about selling nostalgia (which one could argue I was doing as well) than about producing the finest quality instrument. If I offended people on the list, my apologies, that was not my intent. I will let you know how it turns out after them changes are done and the grounding hs been re-verified. It may make some difference and it may not. In either case I own the guitar and will play it.
  7. Another comment that leads me to feel like i ought to leave this forum. Not fabricated. You are of course entitled to your opinion. My opinion is that while I did get many useful suggestions, which I much appreciate, these comments however make me wonder about the overall usefulness. The real issue is this. One of the original design criteria for the Humbucker pickup was to help reduce the hum (noise canceling magnetic fields) naturally produced by an electrical coil in an audio application. As the industry moved on, high gain preamps became prevalent in amplifiers. The noise, no matter how small from the pickups, became accentuated. One method for helping to eliminate the hum is to shield the various components in the guitar, not completely effect but it helps. That is why people shield the cavities in the guitar after purchase. The notion that Gibson does not do that in an order to duplicate the original design, is somewhat nonsensical. Shielding the body cavity to reduce hum will not change the tone or intrinsic sound of the guitar. That is why they put a metal plate between the pots and the guitar body to provide some additional shielding and grounding. The Custom shop Les Paul guitar I bought had none of that, but it should have been there. Even better would be to shield that body cavity completely. While this may add to the cost a bit, it would not be significant enough so that Gibson would take a big financial hit and they would likely pass the cost on anyway. People who buy these guitars are not interested in cheap. I did ask for help in fixing my guitar, but in all the ways I could figure, we tested the suggestions that were made and the problem still existed. I am now paying to get the cavity full shielded to see how much that helps the problem, I will faithfully report back to the forum on the output of that effort. I also seek understanding as to the rational behind why known electrical best practices, which would improve the users experience with the instrument, would be ignored. Just my 2 cents and my opinion. As i stated earlier, you are entitled to you opinion, as am I. Personal comments seem out of place here, but I guess that is the nature of these forums.
  8. Not much to say. Unless they take them apart and examine the windings, it is purely a process of elimination. Guess i will close this tread down since it it now gotten past the point of suggestions and has moved on to examining my character. By the way, the people who looked at this stuff well seasoned bench technicians. Signing off.
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