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  1. It's Chicago politics: Gibson has to pay to play. Apple too. Microsoft, as you'll recall, was first.
  2. Yes, Brazilian Rosewood. Pattern is very similar to that of my old, old Heritage. Be careful with it. Brazilian Rosewood is Cites, Appendix 1, thanks mainly to the French love of making perfume out of the pulp.
  3. I shouldn't leave at that. Here's my candidate for the best in complicated country: Lisa Brokop:
  4. Ah, complicated country. I suspect it's not the machine so much as the presence of anthem songs like this:
  5. Very nice. Here's one of my favorites: Down the Dirt Road Blues, Charlie Patton. It's done by Paul Rishell as part of an instructional.
  6. Plus, he was great acting in "Coal Miner's Daughter," the first half og the film at any rate truly good with Tommie Lee Jones and Sissy Spacek at their best.
  7. The real secret was to be able to drop the needle right on the song without the nickel sliding off the needle arm and scratching the record. It was a talent. Only real sissies had enough scratch to buy new needles. True clods would wind up for a lack of skill scotch taping the buffalo nickel in place. It was considered a clumsy expedient unworthy of any skilled muscian, and it had the power to destroy your pretensions outright. Them were the days....
  8. Well, what can I say, I listen to a song like this and KNOW this guy has never been to Honduras, or lemme say, the REAL Honduras. Imagine Hank Williams (or Skip James for that matter) writing a song in KauaŹ»i about being lonesome....
  9. No,I can't, but...I still like Keith Richard's Cocaine Blues, owing much to John Hurt's version.
  10. Dunno. Maybe because they slack tuned them. Anyway, JCV, many thanks for posting the video! I just bought a J-200 Standard, natural finish no less; and it was a thrill to see the video with its high promise of things to come. Guitar hasn't arrived yet in country, but soon....
  11. My idea of the perfect guitar: a Gibson J-200. You gotta be happy.
  12. when it comes to top of the line Gibsons, my experience has been simply this: the dud is usually the player and not the guitar.
  13. Pitar: "If you intend to fingerpick them with bare fingers or fingernails you can forget about fun." That's odd, I was just listening to some Rev. Gary Davis, and HE seemed to be having a pretty good time plucking away on his SJ-200. BUT THEN...what did the good reverend ever know about finger picking some ragtime blues?
  14. I for one find it very...well, touching. I wonder if she would accept my credit card number if I were to send it along.
  15. And the shreds make you want to "Dance, Dance, Dance"
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