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  1. 7 Inch touch screan with qwerty key for beast search. 2 MIC inputs with Eq & adaptive compression. Possibility for parallel FX for each chanel...& this is end of the f..ing game. Do not be afraid to price
  2. I fully understand,but this is reality.I love my scs4dj, but мore has to be done. Unfortunately, Stanton no news for a long time. If Stanton publish news that provide a new model, I would really waited. Otherwise pioneer win. Sorry for my bad English.
  3. here's the final improvement: http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/DJ/DJ+System/XDJ-RX
  4. Everything is OK. Play list must be save on the same drive :)
  5. Thank you very much! I have not seen this option before :)It seems this is what I need, but when I try to open the saved play list, nothing happens. I tried with winamp & Songbird, but nothing shows :( I saved two different play lists, but both have a size 9 bytes and empty. Can you try this option if it works with you. Thanks again
  6. Very important to me. Is it possible to make an option for "exporting your active play list."? I can receive a text file with all the songs that I playt in the evening. This information is very important for collecting societies of copyright and related rights.
  7. I use this: http://www.tc-helicon.com/mic-mechanic-quick-start-video/ Works very well
  8. Merry Christmas to all scs 4dj team! Thank you for the great device and God bless you all!
  9. Why remove the post for beta 2 version ?
  10. HI :) A few days ago while using the device of a song it just stopped. Had never happened, with the new update. I send you song to which the device stopped.I want to say that this is happening on a track that is FLAC format.Before that I only use MP3. After the song stopped, she removed from my play list. The song go on system menu like a unplayable song. Then I look for the song with search function in browes menu, i started it from the beginning and she played to the end without a error. Sorry for my english Song: http://www.sendspace.com/file/5khnm6
  11. Yep, it always works, even when the grid is not started right, i correct it first with shift beat to cue, and after that it shifts and i press dial in bpm option and the shifting is fixed as you said.
  12. Hi, Remove this post here, since it is relevant to the new update and can remain unnoticed form the other users if it's posted on other quick grid error theme here's what i found after one day testing. The Quick Grid doesn’t analyze correctly – with 20 songs collection, 16 of them are analyzed wrong. The main mistakes are that in most cases the grid starts in the right way and in some particular moment it shifts.If it starts on KICK DRUM at one moment it shifts on Hi Hat which makes the synchronization totally wrong. And that’s the main problem that I can see. I’ve tried to analyze the same collection online with csc4dj and there was significant improvement with only 4 wrong analyses. Here’s some of the names that were analyzed in scs4dj with mistakes. 1.CRAZIBIZA –WANT LOVE – the grid starts wrong, but I guess this is because the file is broken from the beginning and after that when I correct the grid it stays correctly till the end of the song 2.JASON MILL - DON’T STOP,MARC VEDO –FREAK OUT and SEAN FINN RIDERS – ON THE STORM – the grid starts ok and after that it shifts. There are two songs that the grid stays on the snare drum from the very beginning to the end As a hole I have the feeling that with the songs that are analyzed correctly the grid is little to the left or to the right, but is not exactly at the beginning of the sample. Here’s the link with the collection to test it so you can recreate the same situation that I’m speaking about https://www.dropbox....vi52/1AElAyVxbr Hope this helps to fix the problems. Regards,
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