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  1. I am very sorry if I waste lots of your times guys or any disturb from me $650 is way off my budget... I was thinking like $500... :( My budget was $400 and I was thinking for The Sheraton I can pay $100 more But... I love hollow-body guitar, especially when I see Noel Gallagher played it on the stage... even though they had split... :( Liam's too arrogant but I like his style though so anyways, what do you guys recommend? dot ES-335? does Epi still produce ES-335 with the natural colour? Can I attach bigsby on it? just give me some advice of hollow-body guitar and my budget is $300-$500 and of course If you guys have time... I would appreciate it if you could tell me "what to notice" to distinguish between the fake and the authentic Thank you very much Cheers
  2. thank you guys... I have contacted my near authorized dealer and they said it's $650 with tax and not included the case and it is not the 3-piece neck I really like the 5-piece neck and the Korean one do you guys think that ebay is trusted ? cheers
  3. hey there so if Korean Sheraton with the 5-piece neck will have the serial number started with EE right? and blue green leaves ? correct? cheers
  4. thank you very much you inspire me a lot so... I guess my pick will be the same as you Korean and 5 piece neck that has 2 lines on the back but does the Korean has the big E sign on the rod thrus? serial number on the back top of the head? and green or blue leaves on the head? cause I prefer that thank you cheers
  5. I guess there is no US made or Canada made Sheraton eh?
  6. is there any difference between the fake and the authentic when I play or try it? for instance?
  7. so I should buy at a guitar store eh? but I sometimes doubt Chinese made Epi :(
  8. so what is the common serial number of the Sheraton? EE? and how many numbers?
  9. so that green or blue colour on the leaves doesn't matter eh? alright thank you very much god bless :)
  10. so is it fake? no right? it's the same right? and some of them has no serial number and has a plain natural colour on the back
  11. hey Vin do you see the pic? you see this sheraton has like blue colour on the second row of the leaves thank you for your help though I appreciate it Cheers
  12. Also I noticed that some Sheraton has two little lines on the back and some has not and some has the serial number on the back top of the head and some has not so I'm confused haha cheers
  13. well... I think I won't be able to post the pics in advance because I will buy it in guitar store nearby, ebay or in retailer so... the serial number should be started with EE and how many numbers? is it correct about the leaves that I talked about? Thank you guys cheers
  14. Hi there I have decided to buy Epiphone Sheraton Natural Colour and retain it for the rest of my life first, I know that authentic Sheraton has leaves image on its head and coloured blue (or green?) on the second row of the leaves second, Instead of GIBSON sign... they put like a big E (Epiphone Sign) on the head (I don't know how to call that thing that attached on the head above the nut) and is 3 screws on that thing is authentic or fake? because I saw on the internet that Gibson which has 3 screws on that thing is undoubtedly fake. is it? that's what I know so far is that true? So... I need you guys to tell me what to notice when buying the Sheraton such as the serial number? anything because I don't want to end up buying a fake guitar thank you very much for your help guys I really appreciate it Cheers
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