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  1. I've gone thru a lot of acoustics the last ten years but I can't imagine ever selling my J-45. http://youtu.be/4bP_mtQL4Io
  2. Hope everyone has a happy new year. Here's a tune on my new-ish J45. I installed a Colosi bone saddle and removed the washers from the tuners. I like the looks much better without them http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6HUD7dwEGM
  3. This book is pretty good. The author was a teacher of mine many moons ago. It won't make you a better writer instantly but it will give you some tools that you can use to write with. Like good woodworking tools, they won't make you a master craftsman until you put in the time. Writing Better Lyrics
  4. Thanks for all the kind words, both on the video and the guitar. I agree there is something special about the standard and I hope to get to know it very well in the next few months. Well I haven't had the J45 long enough to really give a good review of it. The 000GE is the oldest sounding new guitar I've ever played. Very dry and woody. Does old-time finger picking well and can sound very nice on the pretty stuff too. It does folk/rock surprisingly well. I play Neil Young stuff all the time and it nails it. Plenty of low end for a 000. All the great things you read about these guitars is true. Quite a versatile guitar for it's size. The neck of the GE is wider than the 45. It's not chunky, not much of a V at all. I like it but some people find it too wide. Good luck in the search. There's a video on my youtube page of the GE on a Tom Petty tune if you want to get an idea of it's sound.
  5. There is a long thread on the subject here but I can't find it. I guess they had to resort to using laminate fretboards and bridges after government raid fiasco. Here's one thread I found And this one on Ebay is lam.
  6. I agree. I tried some TV's but the standard just seemed like the right fit for me. The 45 definitely has more balls Cool. Thanks.
  7. Just received this beautiful J45 from MF a few days ago. I'm very impressed with this guitar. I've been a Martin guy mostly and finally convinced myself to come over to the dark side The last Gibson I purchased was a Les Paul back in 1988. (wish I kept it) Check out the bridge on this guitar. I was a little worried about getting a laminate bridge but it's solid and it's really nice. Almost looks like Madagascar rw. with my 000-18GE Ambertone
  8. Hi all. My first post here on the forum. I'm planning on purchasing a J45 of some type this summer and I discovered this forum while doing some research. Thanks for having me This is a TVZ video I made a few months ago. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxHZ1M2anh8
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