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  1. I just bought the 2i2 interface. I did a lot of research and found the mic pre-amps are a lot better than presonus or other brands near that price range. I was on the phone with sweet water and ready to buy a more expensive unit and they recommended this one . And he was one of the recording "experts"
  2. I vote yes!!! I have a 410H and a 410HJS (Satriani Model) I need to do a comparison on them! The video was great. I like the 59 best........I know I'm going to buy one at some point!
  3. It is Aged Cherry which is cool because it appears to be black until you look at it closer. It has beautiful wood grain. I also like the pick guard better than some I've seen. I called gibson and it is modeled after an early 70's V. I don't know why they are only making 180 of them though. I should call and ask that. I was very happy with customer service.
  4. This is the history obviously as mentioned. I have not weighed it yet but it is very comfortable and it sounds fantastic! I will weigh it. I was a little concerned about the thin body but it lacks nothing in tone. It seems to be close to the same thing as the Kirk Hammett V. But less money lol.
  5. Yes I generally only take one half stack to gigs. Bigger outdoor shows or opening for a national act I have used 2 half or one full stack.
  6. My God this thing screams!!! I have a good collection of Gibson's and this one may be the new favorite. Huge sounding, great playing and sustain galore. Plugged into my Marshall JVM 410HJS it's like the Holy Grail. Great job Gibson,
  7. I know there are purists out there but really? I have a 2014 traditional LP and I just got a 2014 Flying V History today. The V may be the best sounding guitar I have! I'm a die hard LP guy. I have 4 LP's, 2 SG's, an explorer and now a V. IMHO it looks cool to have a different 12th fret inlay. The V's are a limited Run.
  8. Surgical tubing is the worst with nitro finishes. Thats the yellowish tubing they put on guitar stands!
  9. Sorry couldn't find my LP only pics!I have a couple 339's now too.
  10. Quality Control should be much better in the Custom Shop ! I have a bunch of Gibson's and the ones with the most flaws are my Custom Shop pieces. I'm buying a white 339 right now as well. With that being said it is true that tone and playability wise you could do worse. I would call them and either have that one fixed or leave that as an option in case you don't like the replacement before you return it. If it's going to bother you every time you pick up the guitar deal with it now. However I can tell you some flaws you will accept over time as a part of the character of the guitar!
  11. I have picked up a 339 figured about 6 months go and fell in love. At the time that was the only one in the store. Since them I have played several more. The other day I picked up an Alpine White one and the acoustic tone was twice as loud as mine. I took (3) 339's and they ALL sound completely different! Plugged in the louder and more rounded tone blew them away. I ended up putting a hold on it! I cant believe the wide difference in tone among these models. From bright and quiet to loud and rounded. Has anybody found this too? Did you find the louder acoustically sounded better amplified?
  12. Reading this I realize how chasing tone can get you chasing your tail. We always want to look for something we might be missing in a guitar. I do the same thing! When I bought my Warren Haynes Les Paul I was able to try a couple and picked the best one. When I bought my 339 Figured I didn't have that option and always look for some way it may be missing something every time I pick one up. The fact is it sounds and looks incredible! I wish you the best of luck in satisfying your tonal pallet! I will say your 335 sounded great and to my ears was more preferable.
  13. Hey Rocketman! Are you from Rochester? I seen a post of someone asking you about The House of Guitars!

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