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  1. May I ask you to share your views about the J-30 Montana again? Thank you
  2. Thanks for all the replies. Just one more question. Does it really lose a lot of its Gibson thump if it's long scale, as compared to the Hummingbird which has a short scale? Will it generally sound more Martinesque or is it really down to the individual guitar?
  3. Thanks! Yes, this was indeed my first post. Have been lurking for some time here.
  4. I'm considering the purchase of a used Gibson J-30 Montana that was made in 1994. Information on this model is really scarce, unlike the J-45s and J-50s, and I hope to find out a bit more about the J-30 before deciding. Outwardly, it seems to be very similar to the Hummingbird - a stripped down version of the latter, if you will. Are there any major structural differences between the J-30 Montana and a typical Hummingbird? Would it sound very different than a Hummingbird? And is the J-30 Montana's specification different than the earlier version of the J-30? I do know the J-30 has been discontinued for some years now so any information would be most welcome. Thank you so much.
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