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  1. Hi, Sometimes (in 70% of the case) when ik press the play button on deck A, the track starts and stops again, like you would press it 2 times rapidly. I'm sure i just press it once ... Deck B doesn't have this problem. Does anyone have the same issue or maybe a solution ?? I know this can be fixed with using hot cues instead, but you lose a cue :(
  2. Hi, Today I had the same problem again. Try this for yourself ;) Mix "Let there be house" (Cherrymoon trax)with "Broken" (Freebase). When track 1 is at aprox 3 minutes,when the hi hats comes in, start to mix track 2 and wait for the "magic" to happen.. The grid shifts 2 times making it sound like crap ! Will try to make a video of this. Greetz.
  3. Ok I'll try that, thanks. Can't remember what song it was, cause i removed it out of the tracklist. Never really had big issues with my SCS, it worked just fine.. Just not now after this update :(
  4. WTF.. new update ?? Thanks for the effort, but now my scs acts like ****.. mixing 2 beats, and one song getting in it's silent part.. everything gets messed up.. there's no beatgrid in the silent part and the system tries to beatmatch to that.. EEuuhhmm NOT good !! Please Professor come back !! I'm gonna try to downgrade to version 4, at least that was working fine.. you can have your fancy stuff beatshiftshit and things, i don't need that, i need a proper working machine !! BUMMER !!
  5. There's a gain control.. For Deck A press and hold the "Back" button and turn the jogwheel, For Deck B do the same but with the "Enter" button ;)
  6. when mixing hardcore it gives a result like this.. find the grid :) I know you have to use your ears for mixing, but a visual help is handy ;)
  7. v1r00z, normally you can make the bar longer by pressing X next to the reloop button, or isn't that what you mean ? For example press loop then 3 times the X and you'll get a loop of 8 times 4 beats. Grtz. ;)
  8. try to set your new que not at the begin of a track,but a bit further maybe this helps ;)
  9. Unit is working fine for me :) update would be nice,some new stuff is always nice.
  10. I'm not sure if it's an option, but what about airsoft batteries ? I have them, not gonna try it though ;) http://www.tacticalairsoftgear.nl/replica-onderdelen/accus/
  11. I can't wait !! :D The unit works good for me, but if you start talking about crazy features !!
  12. I trust you :) Good luck with your new job and thanks for what you've done for us in the past !!
  13. I hope they still gonna work on updates ;)
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