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  1. It's about the 5th time i've seen Gibson Custom post a photo of a guitar then not being able to find it anywhere
  2. Right, has anyone seen this for sale ANYWHERE outside of Japan ? #GAS
  3. 1960 LP Special Reissue VOS in TV White with Bigsby. I can't seem to find out anything online despite Gibson Custom posting the info on their Facebook page. Anyone seen them for sale anywhere yet ? Thanks Andy
  4. Just an update on this. I was able to verify the guitar was genuine, via a combination of photos from seller, Gibson and you knowledgeable folks HOWEVER The seller was a fraud. I found the guitar on Gumtree (UK) and exchanged many emails with the seller. Her prefered method of payment was 3V Visa Vouchers (?, yeah me neither) anyway i looked into that and they are a legit payment thing. But when she sent me the Google Wallet (?, yes i hadn't either but it's also legit) to pay my suspicions were quickly aroused. It was clearly a fake Google invoice, but a pretty good effort at one. Luckily i didn't bite and saved myself a fair bit of lost £££ in the process I doubt we can trace her (or a him, who knows really) but Google's fraud team are investigating it. The seller obviously had the guitar as i requested specific photos and got them back within an hour. Shame we can't trace them from that alone So if you see that guitar up for sale, ALERT someone
  5. Cheers, I think that's an extra posh model judging by it's golden truss rod cover etc Hopefully someone else will pop up and offer some more words of wisdom, i'm itching to pull the trigger Thanks
  6. You mean on the guitar itself ?, what other way would the serial number be added ?
  7. I'm trying to add a few more photos but it's not letting me... arrghh
  8. I'm thinking of buying this guitar, which is supposedly a 2002 issue, but want to be absolutely sure it's legit. I have some concerns that the certificate looks badly written for example. And also that the serial number 024551 doesn't appear to be a 2002 number Can anyone offer some help/advice ASAP please ? Thanks Andy
  9. Seriously tempted. Any horror stories or are all Midtown owners happy with theirs ?
  10. It is a custom shop guitar Gibson SG Standard Dark Cherry VOS, E-Guitar, Gibson Custom Shop, exclusive model for Musikhaus Thomann - ltd. run of thomann 25 worldwide, mahogany body, one piece mahagony neck, rosewood fretboard, 22 frets, Scale 629 mm, Nut width 42 mm, 2 x Angus Young Signature Pickups, Finish Dark Cherry, incl. case
  11. It might be just me, but I think this might be the most drop dead gorgeous SG of them all My link Pity I can't afford one.
  12. Rosie, Angus Young signature SG Winona, my SG '61 Reissue. Love it Cambear, my SG Standard with P90's Betty, SG Standard ebony
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