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  1. Maybe I missed something. But I never said there was a huge difference because of the weight relief (or a huge difference at all - that was your word). I did however say these guitars sound different, but readily concede that the difference may be entirely related to the difference in pickups (or strings or phase of the moon or whatever you experts deem to be the case). Maybe you're talking about somebody else's post. ? Anyway, if you're ever in Texas... ;)
  2. Well Farns. Maybe so. I can assure you however, that when you strum these unplugged there is a difference. I would assume that the acoustic properties would translate into something audible when plugged in. But, ok. I'm not an expert by any means. Don't claim to be. So, perhaps my assumption is erroneous. I'm sure that the pickup difference accounts for the bulk of the sonic difference plugged in. Maybe the pickups account for the entirety of the sonic difference, as it seems you're suggesting. I'm good with that too. Bottom line, these guitars do sound different. And I stand by
  3. I just bought a Trad a couple of weeks ago. The non-weight-relieved thing shouldn't be underestimated. The tone is definitely affected by that (in a good way in my opinion). But it really does feel heavier than any other LP out there. A LOT heavier. I play seated so I don't have mine hanging on my shoulder. Even still, seated, it wants to slide off my lap to the right. I'm good with it, but it really is different. Bottom line, not only play them, but take your time playing them. If you're going to play standing, strap them on and see. Oh yeah, and you can't really go wrong wi
  4. Yeah, this is very common. On my L5 (new in 2010) the neck pup was slanted as you said. But knowing it didn't affect the sound or anything else I wasn't going to mess with it. Taking Larry's position that this is the Gibson way. At some point I took it to my tech to have the setup tweaked and that leaning pup bothered him so much he fixed it for me! I ain't complainin'.
  5. Dude!! I've been staring at those too. Wildwood has several of these, new, limited edition. Scroll down on this page: http://www.wildwoodguitars.com/electrics/gibson_custom_shop/2013_limited_run.htm These all have the richlite f/bs so that's one drawback. But man!! I'd be willing to overlook that little issue. [drool]
  6. When I play out I'm mostly playing my McPherson, which has a Baggs undersaddle transducer. I run it through a Venue DI and it is a very nice set-up. Very "acoustic" sounding amplified tone. The DI definitely adds some sparkle and girth to the sound (...I know, I roll my eyes every time I see somebody trying to describe some subtle difference in acoustic tone - but try one and you'll see what I mean).
  7. I like gold tuners. I've got em on my J200 custom. I think that guitar has a little too much bling elsewhere, but I like the tuners.
  8. Yeah, looks like a GC exclusive. I saw one hanging on the wall at a GC while on vacation last week - never seen one before so I pulled it down and savored it. I gotta say, it was very nice. About the same size and weight as a 335. Similar feeling to my 335's neck. Actually set up pretty well for a factory Gibson. I didn't plug it in because I didn't want to start GAS'ing for yet something else. If I didn't already have a 335 I'd be all over it though. And yes, it's an archtop, at least to the extent that a 335 is an archtop.
  9. Well, as a final update on this from me...I went with D'Addario EJ21s. That's what I have on my 335 too. Nickel plated steel, 12-52. I like 'em on my L5. I feel like my L5 is "back."
  10. OP...I love that worn down formerly-gold plated hardware. That is great! I can't wait for my gold plated hardware to look like that.
  11. I've had both. Eventually sold my 175. Still have the 335. For me, the 335 is by far the most versatile electric I've ever owned. However, these are SO different that this is not a choice to be decided based on others' opinions. Hence, every other post is a vote for the other. Both are excellent.
  12. Thanks Larry. Those nickel plated roundwounds look to be exactly the same gauge as the DAD EJ21s. I'll have to put those on my list of strings to try. As for nylon tapes...I haven't gotten myself to like the metal flats so I don't hold out much hope for those. And, since they are much thicker they'd be a little more of an ordeal to set up.
  13. Yup. I share everybody else's pain on this one. I posted this a while back: http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/100871-l5-strings-stopped-manufacturing/ I can report back now that I've been pulling my hair out ever since. I ended up putting a bunch of different brands, guages, etc on my L5. Went back to TI flats twice. I really like the feel, but I just can't get myself to like the sound...and I've really tried. Tried a bunch of different round wounds, including DAD's pure nickel. They weren't right either. I'm next going to try the half-rounds. But the quest continues.
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