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  1. Here are the cell pics of the one I changed my mind about
  2. Several days ago I put on Layaway at a local music store a Gibson Les Paul 60s Tribute. A beauty with Honey burst finish and natural back. Made the first week of January 2011. I went into the same store today to look at snare stands. As I usually do I went and looked at guitars. Thet had a cherry buest 60s tribute natural back that was also the first week of January 2011. It is a beauty. I changed my layaway to it. I may still get the other if its there after I pick this one up. I still none the less like this one. Here are some crap cell phone pics.
  3. I forgot to say thank you for this info. So... Thank You. It was helpful I either have a 2010 Chinese made or a 2006 Korean made. I will verify when I get her home. Thanks Again.
  4. Some pics of the V that the shop took.
  5. Ok its a comprehension thing for you. You have the national origin of your guitars on your signature. When I wanted help to find the same info on mine..you gave me the rate the guitar not the nation. Well why are your guitars noted with their respective nationalities? HYPOCRISY equals FAIL. Have a good one Pete. I appreciate your not wnating to help me any longer. Its good for both of us.
  6. You Pete are Too FUNNY.... Ok flogging complete...the horse is gone....LOL
  7. So Pete I do agree with you on that point....YOU did FAIL..... RATE THE GUITAR PETE not the LOCATION of MANUFACTURE...... Why are the nationalities of YOUR guitars on display??? HMM? You wanted to know...of course it was a bad thing for me to inquire.... Well,Pete? Well??
  8. So is hypocrisy a musician thing? Why did I ask? Look at your own signature. You made it well known where your guitars are made. Epiphone - B.B.King Lucille [06 MiK]<--------- - LesPaul Ultra II [08-MiK]<--------- - Nighthawk RI Cst [10-MiI]<--------- - LesPaul Special DC [??-MiK]<------- - DR 200 CE [07-MiC]<---------------- Gibson - Midtown Custom [11-MiA]<----------- Well hey RATE the guitar NOT where it is made.... Oh I see..practicing and preaching are two different things with you....right?
  9. Bye to you too. You will have to make assumptions against others I guess. I will be sad....no really.....honest.....what..no...I'm serious....c'mon....it's true.....absolutely......
  10. here are my 2 CHINESE ERHUs and 2 of my CHINESE made violins,one acoustic and one electric. Oh wait a minute this can't be. You people decided I have a problem with CHINESE made instruments. Oh well must be an illusion....right?
  11. Its a digital guitar from the 1980s. You can hook it up through midi to..well anything midi. No bends or whatnot(I have several Roland guitar synths for that) but it is fun with the built in Casio cheese and the midi possibilities.
  12. These are fun My 88 plus me on my train From a couple of minutes ago
  13. YEP...little ol' me. You know the one whom you people have never met nor deigned to ask me things about myself,but decided that you know me well enough to determine what I like,dislike or think.
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