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  1. Thanks so much Jay.Your explanation is very straight forwards and clear. Im gonna look into these.Thanks Again


  2. And Im sure you like all the acoustics but if you had to keep only one which would it be? I liked H&D guitars and am lucky to get a Braz/Ad one for a good price.Id have prefered the short scale version but the H&D guitars are second best to me after Lowden on my list of new guitars. But they are comparable to your Bougeois. All it needs now is play time just like the D41..use does the j...

  3. Hi Bill. Yes I ordered the D42 from they're Custom Shoppe.For years Id buy a Martin & it'd fall a bit short of those great Vintage ones so eventually I had them make one nearly like an old one Adi braces Adi select top,Mad.RW & full V neck (& abo.trim around FB) But still not like an old one which were built light. It definately sounds better having used it some. What is B...

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