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  1. As good a sound at less cost, nice. Sorry to hear and damn shame this country's medical set up.
  2. Background I found when I was shopping in 2009.. http://www.georgelowden.com/page4/page29/page36/story.html Continuing it .. 2004 The previous workshops renamed Avalon continued making Lowden like guitars with some cool variations. They seem to have gone out of business last year but I think(not sure)restarted & making guitars again. These companies are small..not more than like 10 people making them. In 2009 Lowden was was like only 10 people making guitars. When George Lowden re set up shoppe in 2004 the compromises in bracing were reversed. Post 2004 are more desirab
  3. L1 Robert johnson was really good sounding..thats small. Also a Lowden S is small & really good.
  4. Great pictures.The 1934 is a beauty..that D35 terrible : )
  5. Yeah a guy I play with is just like that even one circle of abolone around the sound hole repulses him. And good carving on a chair or piece of furniture just knocks me out, but for some reason this carved heal thing conjures up horrible images : ) Cheers
  6. I love bling but I h a t e those carved heals. Yecchh! Real backwards looking detail on such an elegant guitar. Theres a Brazilian one at nearly 1/3 the price on ebay. I fancy that one much more.I just love it. Problem is no one is interested in oriental carpets enough to buy one of my Isfahan's at half what it costs in a shoppe.
  7. Whatever that wood is on upper left guitar is super. The lower right one seems to be identical species to Brazilian Lowden I got.. Someone must know by the smell..?...if any is still lingering in such old guitars. Thanks
  8. The two figured ones are not Brazilian Rosewood? The bottom right one esspecially looks it..no?
  9. Ah..not easy, A good strong voice starts by growing up in a very disfunctional family that regularly engages in shouting matches..No better training for rock & roll.
  10. Wow nice. Im no expert..Id say from this one picture color looks like Brazilian. Also Id bet the sales guy was telling the truth in 1953. Everyone was using Brazilian back then, it was no big deal.
  11. A few songs I used to really dig playing with the full band,that sounded good were, Those were the days (Cream) Deuce(Kiss) Everybody wants to rule the world(Tears for fears) Touch and go(Cars) Little Red Rooster(Stones) Light my fire(doors) Magic Carpet Ride (Steppenwolf) Really good drummer..difficult human being : ) Liked playing Time Waits for No one (R.Stones)
  12. Its unlikely the dealer has another one of that guitar in Italy Im guessing. Either way it should be repaired by professional. if you just got it right out of box maybe Id ask for a nice other one
  13. Thank You BD..(and Jeff ) What a loss a mom is. God bless you and your mom My mom had a powerfull voice. Till the end she sounded like a young girl and when she called out to us, the glasses in the room rang. You know that Prince Spaghetti commercial in the old days..my mom was one of those yelling out of the apartment window ...n..i..k..o... my old friends still remember. Though she had an incredible voice, she thought the whole music thing with us guys would not amount to anything and should only be a hobby, and like most Greek parents, real work or education,was what led to success
  14. I've never heard of any of these people.I thought I got one when I got to Tyson I quickly realized it was not the musical variety.. : )
  15. A good friend of mine David Lindsay has some spare tickets to this concert ..maybe one of you guys knows someone. I have a pair of surplus tickets for Bruce Springsteen on 18 June (next Tuesday) at Hampden Stadium in Glasgow for sale. Just looking to recover what I paid which is £146.15 including booking fee. They are excellent seats immediately opposite the stage and only 19 rows from the front in the lower south stand. Jill and I are still going but we are seated in the next block. Let me know if anyone including friends of friends wants them. His telephone # from here (US
  16. We used to do that one too.Never really got the words. My brother did like Keith Moon on that one.
  17. Id love that short scale AJ but that other one is damn ugly. Is it the Jetson's model. : ) But main thing is ye sound.
  18. Nice Wily.. Nice quality top. The ones after 2004 (White Label) are under the sole ownership of himself with him actually in there. Before, it was a partnership and he didnt have total say. Main change is they again hand carve the braces a certain tricky time consuming way which the other partners had voted off. I'd be keen on one of those green labeled ones or an Avalon anyway though but they should go for less cost. The S (Small one)is now a short scale guitar. Never enough guitars
  19. Long ago & never with an acoustic BB. But my man here uses only mics, and in not big places either.. classical players only do it with mics. Seems possible.But in practice I may be wrong.But.. Guys I started playing with brought one of those Bose PA things and plugged into it (Taylor & a Guild) That sounded terrible. Whats the point of a great acoustic guitar if your gonna put a pickup on it.
  20. Would be nice to see whats on you guy's personal set list these days (that you dig on playing in public or at home). Im always looking to be turned on to some new tunes cause the radio sure doesn't do it. I was practicing with a couple of friends this past fall/winter who do a lot of playing out,and this was the list which was my portion or that I was trying to do. But Mom died, and Ive not sang a note in nearly 2 months). I can talk,I can write,I can play..I just can not sing. *Norwegian Wood *The sun ain't gonna shine anymore (Walker Bros) *Mrs.Brown You've got a lovely Daughte
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