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  1. Through the Past Darkly (and best album cover too) Get Your Ya Ya's Out Sticky Fingers Exile on Main St definately DID NOT pass the "hood" test. It got a solid thumbs down in my neighborhood. I liked it cause Mick Jagger pretty much screamed his balls off on that album..but material was no where as good as Sticky Fingers.
  2. They all ruin the acoustic sound from what Ive heard.. Get a good microphone and put it in front of it I'd say.
  3. The guitar that suits most of those songs is a Les Paul actually EA. Since thats not on the list I vote for the AJ. Cool to see your set list. I liked a few songs Id not heard before in the first set.Thanks Would be nice to see the songs on everyones present personal "set list".
  4. Never heard that song but I don't dig it really. The Tatoo You album..I did like some songs off that but most of those turned out to be old tunes as well. In they're prime even the reject tracks were better than that what they've been putting on record the last 30 years.
  5. I ordered the guitar with polished Back & Sides ,the top is left matte. I thought the matte finish dulled the look of the figuring of the nice wood he uses on backs. Thats a good review about the sound. The F I have ..a medium sized thing.. is not really as nice when strummed with flatpick as the Mad/Adi D42 Martin. When strummed that Martin is better but single note lead playing,scales the notes do not stand out... The Braz/Adi Lowden sounds like a hyper Flamenco guitar. At first its kind of alien sounding and its takes a few strums to accustom my ear to it..every time I use it actual
  6. Not really about survival.. its about Mr.Modern Business mans want for expansion.. If anything, these ventures usually result in endagering the core company and often the quality of the core product.
  7. Balli..Better for the landscape & air quality that he does not use wood grown in that country its not exactly dense with the stuff.. Either way how many guitars can 10 dudes with very few machines make in a year anyway..and think of all the beer they consume while doing it..! The volume issue is such a good point gotta say. I have a medium sized one & they make a small one..the volume is a pretty good match with the voice volume wise. In the past the most common out there and probably biggest sounding most impressive one was the large one...Probably the one you've been tramatized
  8. Excepting for (Oh..BROTHER...)"Satanic Majesties Request" which was 70% rubbish,I bought pretty much every album.. untill this.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vC0Qt1lvLq8 Then the few after this without Mick Taylor and that was it.. Undercover actually went right into the garbage bin after I heard that ka ka.
  9. This essay is so very much worth reading.. it mostly concerns vintage guitars & how they were made. The one thing I remember reading was that the old legendary Gibson bracing was thin almost knife edge.. The Lowden I have is braced this way ..Im guessing its how they do them across the whole range. http://www.grevenguitars.com/pdfs/VoicingtheGuitar.pdf
  10. Concerning some Martin Guitar History which I had posted before & for anyone who has been disappointed in getting the famous old Martin sound out of new Martins. Note...small shoppe environment. http://www.grevenguitars.com/pdfs/MartinMyths.pdf
  11. Would be interesting to know what gauge of strings he uses..relief level of neck and height of strings from top of 12th fret to bottom of E/E strings.
  12. An appropriate article to post in relation to such a player “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” -Bruce Lee http://trustmeimascientist.com/2013/06/03/your-long-arduous-doubt-inducing-bi-polar-surefire-path-to-success/
  13. Thats for taking a look . He really is a master guitar maker who actually is in there making guitars,and in a very honorable manner..and a very honest person as well.God Bless him. The point he makes about the slight stiffness of a brand new acoustic compared to one that is great right out of the gate, which he makes in the last minute or so of the video was one of the important points I hadn't been aware of.
  14. Starting at 4 min..some good points. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QT1XH2c5w_Y
  15. I saw one (D18GE) recently wirh a stunning sunburst..didn't look like the Gibson sunburst but nice..formal. It was the grade of the top wood that was appalling
  16. I wonder what processes & procedures those are..?
  17. Those came on my H&D Slope back in July so I kept them on for 3 weeks or so but Elixirs were nicer and I ve had them on since.
  18. The guitars come with .012-.053 ( or .052/.054) Start there.These are at just about every shoppe. Elixir Nano Ph.Bronze ,sound good and are coated for long life but cost $15-17. Ernie Ball Slinky are $5..non coated so they feel a little more metally but sound good.
  19. Here is one for you Ksdaddy..Im sure it would satisfy. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1940-Gibson-L-5-refinished-good-sounder-and-looker-/190850308856?pt=Guitar&hash=item2c6f909af8
  20. "The Bozeman Years: Ren Ferguson and the Revival of the Gibson Acoustic Guitar" Rizzolli Books Author: The Right Honorable Hogeye & Sir Ren
  21. That guitar sounds so good..and with Nickel Strings??? And thats one smooth guitar player. Would a liked him to pick up a new Martin version of that guitar from .."a smoke free home"...and only "10 hrs use on it"..oh yes and one small scratch that can only be seen with a microscope.. so we can hear the difference.
  22. But a lyric without melody or musical accompaniment is not a music at all. Its a poem or literiture. I definately would not go with lyric as foremost in music but definately important. To me the music is mostly about the actual music. Im hearing this on the radio and as most things Im not thinkin whats he sayin..? I just catch a few words he says, how he delivers & forms his voice & what the musics sayin and it totals an abstract group of images. And sometimes it blows me away as this does. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNlz5P2pbk8
  23. If it really does not bother you when you are playing its best to leave it as it is..Aim to play the guitatr so much that you wear the finish off the neck entirely.. : ) Thats when ye guitar will be sounding it's best.
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