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  1. When this guitar was made there really was not much of a "they" nor manufacturing process yet in Bozeman(1988). R & D ,which built this, back then was Ren Ferguson & another guy. The guitar actually is not inferior sounding to production line J200's and there is only one maple Ive come across that sounded as nice which was made in 1950. Still..I have not tried a lot of them but I have looked for a better one ,even bringing the guitar with me for comparison a few times. I have never tried a 30's Rosewood original but I have some doubt a J200 exists that is as responsive as a PreW
  2. It has no impression on the back of the headstock. There is no chance of error,it is accompanied by an appraisal from Stan Jay who got it for his Mandolin Brothers. For some in general background as to why Stan got first go may be explained by the You Tube video "Master Luthier Ren Ferguson interview Part 2"
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