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  1. Nice Video..the place where the factory is is beautifull. id like to try one.Im sure they are really good.
  2. That guys not playing that guitar solo...is she actually singing ?
  3. I think most that come with a pickup on them are not designed to be as responsive acoustically as the older pre pickup ones as to minimize feedback. Even later ones specially ordered without pickups were probably not as lightly built as they once were when they were used acoustically. I have only one archtop L5CES Historic 58 made in 1997/8. Never plug it in Pure Nickel Strings 10-48 ...just loud enough for my wife ,I & macaw to hear at breakfast most mornings. It is so much more playable than any of my flat tops. I love it. No struggle.
  4. Is that what shes singin about..? Damn..I like her even more now : ) This Jacques guy is really something..listened to "Les cactus" and laughed my balls off all the way through. : )
  5. I see, its in the words with this guy. But as a music it has almost no content...if there isn't melody and some nice playing.. chords..a groove. That stuff is the basics for a song. Thats the first thing that moves as a music. Otherwise its more like a literature. Admitedly I may listen to a song over a long period of time and really don't focus on the words,unless its a main effect in relation to whats going on in the music. I am certainly no words smith either This is fine country playing..musical..and with meaning. What do you think ?
  6. She does it..is she a Wilson related to the Heart sisters? That Nancy Wilson & Keith Richards gets my vote for the coolest stage rhythm guitarists but everything else considered Johnny Marr/Richard are my favorites.
  7. Here's the French version of Taylor Swift..and she has a load more talent. The first vid is worth watching (make sure your wife is not around..she won't understand) The second song is simply an excellent pop song..
  8. Yeechs! BB I give in...gimmie Taylor Swift : ) ...
  9. The least we can do is give a listen to what others want to turn us on to, after all it is for benefit of the listener to discover great stuff thats not known to them,and I think most of us do not bother. We should make it a point to give a full listen. I did listen to both songs from begining to end. But theres nothing really here...No hook...guys voice is nothing remotely special to be a front guy..terrible lead guitar tone and nothing solo. A bunch of guys trying to put they're hearts into something thats just nothing.
  10. No contest..mucho distance. Hope things not too bad over there with the rain. Near you is so of the worst I heard. Most of America does not get any real news ...so most do not even know..the Money Masters don't want to wake them/us from our sleep as they rearrange this all into a new world order. Hope it gets better and clear up, a friend in Switerland says they havent had such a thing in 500 years over there.
  11. I'll tell ya..Im sure shes a great person but I really don't dig Sheryl Crows voice..nor do I think shes great looking.. And another cover of First Cut is the Deepest is the last thing..
  12. Wait a minute thats Kelly Pickler.. The girl that transplanted just about every important part of her body.. Must say I admire the model she selected for.. Ill slip this one in..Girl singing WITH Gibson Acoustic
  13. Customs shouldnt have to focus on re freakin diculous (did I spell that right?) stuff like this. This government has just been using the excuse of 9/11 to limit/eliminate US Citizens rights. Im glad theres less chance they wont take my guitar now.
  14. The answer is 11-14 year olds ..they ask..parents buy.. Parents are more willing to buy Taylor Swift for the kid than they are the good stuff for themselves.. I know friends my age and the last time they bought a CD for themselves was 30 years ago..
  15. Wow..that is freakin horrible. Funny you should put this. Yesterday for the first time in my life I looked for something to learn to play by her to teach a 10-11 year old girl I bought a guitar for last year, to try & ignite more interest, and she likes Taylor Swift. Oh brother..she's nice and tall, she's cute..barely a voice and has no hips.. and there's girls screaming in the audience..for a girl..what's this world comin to..
  16. Wife just said to me thats when your music started going down hill when you became infatuated with her (Madonna). You used to play Aerosmith Led Zeppelin,Black Sabbath now your sitting here mesmerized by this ka ka.. : )
  17. My girl here uses Gibsons,Gretsch,Guilds & Taylors..main criteria is that the guitars are big : ) My favorite... First song...first album...perfect. I STILL DO
  18. Whats up..? Is Madonna gonna be the end to this post ? : ) 31 years of marriage I never seen my wife..or any other woman stand like that. She must be special.
  19. Only way to buy that is sell..and sell again... My wife told me years ago buy guitars not carpets..I read every book I could on those dogone carpets.I was like a Capetholoic. But it seems only dealers are able to sell the things,unlike guitars..ironicly rug dealers are not really very trustworthy. Anyway the individual adj saddles are really something.. but they look like thay have even less leeway for super low action. Think the price is what it should be?
  20. The concern would be if bridge can go down low enough for the required action yes? A lot of times its just a signature,not really made by them..but in this case its probably otherwise. I like the inlay..reminds me of the Smithsonian.
  21. Has been on ebay for a long time. Told my wife if I sold the Persian carpet..not that anyone is interested..and my Martin..just dreaming really. And she says, are you crazy..for a Gibson Acoustic! Over my dead body.They don't hold they're value. I guessing its worth $9k used..if it sounds good..(if it does not sound good its worth nothing as far as im concerned) Take a look,what do you think? http://www.ebay.com/itm/1994-100th-Anniversary-Gibson-Custom-SJ200-/170930200146
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