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  1. I owned a 2014 Traditional in tobacco sunburst and it was beautiful. Fat neck, weighty but not too heavy, solid body and the 59 pickups were very impressive. The only thing I didn't like was the 12th fret inlay. Other than that, they are great guitars
  2. Beautiful. Same finish as my R8 Love that top too!
  3. I have the same model! Great SG. Very much a 61 reissue vibe with it. One went on eBay for around £800 recently. As stated previously, the knobs have been changed, they should be black speed knobs. That bridge pickup looks high!! They came with Bill Lawrence pickups as standard so maybe thats worth checking before you take the plunge. Good luck!!
  4. Took the plunge! Beautiful guitar. I'm amazed how different it feels to a Gibson USA Les Paul. Feels handmade. Pics to follow!
  5. Thanks guys. I've got him down to 2300 is that a fair price?
  6. Hi all Tomorrow, I will hopefully be buying a used 58 reissue les Paul in bourbon burst. I have owned many Gibsons over the years but never a custom shop. Can anyone advise what li need to be looking out for interma of authenticity? Usually the fret nibs and lacquer smell give a fake Gibson away for me, but I'm sure you guys know what to look for . http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=252132914144&globalID=EBAY-GB Thanks
  7. Thats a shame. I thought they'd realised the error of their ways, although the pics of that guitar look amazing. I could live with the hex screw on the bridge though, My 2014 came with them for some reason and they are very useful.
  8. ant7629

    2016 Models

    It will certainly be interesting to see which way they go for 2016. The 2015 line was obviously a bad move....I am getting emails from top dealers every week with further reductions on 2015 models. The debate is endless, but I do see what Gibson were trying to do. Fender mixed old and new with their USA Standards and have it just right, IMO. Forcing the G tune and other changes down our necks was too much, there should have been a choice. Some of the improvements were great, like the improved bridge pins. Like I said, it will be interesting times when they announce the 2016 models.
  9. It was stolen from the depot by an employee apparently. I've been contacting the courier (Yodel) for weeks now, but they just keep dodging me. Thankfully, I insured it. But even they are being distant and my claim. It's time to get the courts involved. As much hate I have for the POS that stole it, it is Yodel/insurance company I have the most hate for right now.
  10. Yep. The guitar was as new. The theiving scumbag really hit the jackpot.
  11. Thanks. Pics now added. As you can see, she is a really beauty......
  12. Hi I sold this beauty on eBay last month. Unfortunately it got stolen by a courier at the depot. I had to refund the buyer and I am chasing compensation from the courier. I would really appreciate it if you could keep an eye open for it. Whoever stole it will no doubt be selling it Thanks 2014 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Wine Red. Serial number 140013828
  13. Thanks guys. Slight truss rod adjustment and it seems ok. Haven't played it in a while; it's always nice to be reminded how cool it sounds!
  14. Thanks I'll add some relief, see if that helps
  15. Not that I'm aware of. It's been sat in its case for months Yes, tightened it clockwise to straighten the neck Thanks
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