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  1. Ah, I see what you mean now. I can't say I have noticed that issue on mine. In fact I would say the neck is one of the things I love most about it. Maybe it is just that one in the dealers like you say .
  2. Its pretty slim, but not quite as slim as a Casino say. Think Gibson 60s slim profile and you'll be pretty close. Its very comfortable. I usually prefer fatter necks, but I feel a home with this one.
  3. Agreed. After a good set up, I can't put mine down. A very well made guitar, well finished and those pick ups are just great. I just feel sorry for the guys who are having issues.
  4. Agreed. It's a sad state of affairs that they can't manage to dress the frets properly and perform a small setup before it leaves the factory. It's the same with almost every guitar I've bought new. My 335 needed a fret dress and setup...... 2 grand guitar and they cant manage that!! Hope you get it to your liking. I can't stop,playing mine.
  5. First impressions: + Nice and tasteful vintage sunburst, very similar to the Elitist Casino VSB. + No black painted F-holes! That finally was the reason to pull the trigger on this one. If the shipped guitars had black painted F-holes like the first Epiphone images did show, I would not have bought it, period. + Nice neck shape, very much like the Gibson 60s slim taper on their ES-335, different from other ES type Epiphones (Riviera Limited Edition, Dot, Standard Sheraton II). + Very light weight, much lighter than my Riviera Ltd, lighter than my korean built Sheraton II, even a tad lighter than my Elite ES-335. + Very detailed remake of the 62 Sheraton. + Good overall build quality of the wooden parts. + Decent sound, the Gibson mini humbuckers are way better than the standard full size humbuckers on other chinese Epiphones. Very open and mud-free sound. Unfortunately my guitar has some flaws: - Action is way too high, almost 1mm over the first fret, almost 3mm over the 12th fret. - The string holders on the Frequensator tailpiece are mounted somewhat aslant, see picture. - Partially the innermost ply of white binding on the top is still covered by the black paint. - Intonation is a bit off. - The spring in the TOM bridge that holds down the saddles was already off on one side. - The neck has a bit too much bow. - The bridge pickup volume control doesn't work at all, you get always full volume (well, at least better than having the pickup not working). - Both pickups have astonishing low output, and are somewhat prone to noise. Maybe caused by wrong soldered harness. For a guitar in the €700 euro price range this are a bit too much mistakes for my taste. However I will not return it, as I don't expect another guitar of that series to be much better. The playability issues can be solved with a proper setup (which I would have done anyway), and I can fix the harness myself. At least there are no issues with peeling off gold or cracking finish, and the hardware like pickups, bridge and tuning machines is mounted straight. That guitar looks amazing in sunburst, congrats! Sorry that you have had some issues with yours. I'd say it needs a full set up and maybe fret dress like mine did. It plays fantastically now. With regards to your Frequensator, have you tried adjusting the nuts that hold each piece on? Sometimes they haven't been assembled properly and it could be an easy fix.
  6. Yeah they both seem fine on mine. The only thing I had issues with on this guitar was the frets, but I was expecting that anyway. Hope you get yours sorted. Keep us posted
  7. I'm really picky, so that guitar would be going back if it was mine. If i doesn't bother you then I'd just leave it. Looks like they have some left in stock so maybe they would give you a replacement....
  8. I think these are the ones: http://www.dawsons.co.uk/epiphone-electric-guitar-strings-10-46-gauge Did you sort your intonation issues out? Sometimes a badly cut nut can cause that...... Or a slight change in action. What do you think of the Gibson mini humbuckers? I am loving them. They clean up really nice when you urn the guitar's volume down.
  9. Ok. I've had the guitar for a couple of days and I'm completely blown away by it. I don't think I have played a modern Epiphone as well made as this. The construction, hardware and electronics are all exceptional and the neck is very comfortable. Slim yes, but not too slim. My only gripe is that the set up from the factory was pretty poor. I've come to expect of most new guitars, which is why I take them to my local luthier for the frets to be levelled properly. My Gibsons, Fenders and my Gretsch all made the same trip so I am used to it now. I just don't get how these companies can spend so much time making the guitars to such a high quality, then mess it up in the final stage. Anyway, the frets are level and it plays like a DREAM. The mini humbuckers sound great clean and distorted. I am particularly keen on the bridge, but the neck sounds amazing too. I can hear a big difference from the mini's that were in my Riviera. The case is very nice, and inside there is a Gibson style COA, which I thought was a nice touch. All in all, I am very pleased. One thing I think is worth noting is something the luthier said to me when I collected it. He commented on how well made and how great it sounded. This was a huge shock, as after taking 20+ guitars to him over the years, some of which were high end Gibsons and Fenders, he has never said that. I think this says a lot for the guitar and Epiphone in general. I would highly recommend this guitar. Pics on the way..........
  10. Got mine Saturday but I had to leave it with my luthier as the frets needed levelling (I usually have to do this every new guitar I get). Should be picking it up today so I will post some pics/impressions then. Maybe even a video..... In the meantime, I took this when I called at my folks after my mini guitar acquisition road trip on Sat
  11. Going for a trip to Birmingham in the morning to check one out. Maybe a NGD........
  12. They look great!! In fact, I have decided on a Natural after seeing that. Case looks nice too.
  13. Hmmm trip down to Guildford may be on the cards this Saturday then
  14. Really? Thats a little worrying. Last few Chinese made Epis I have had have been great. I guess I really will have to buy in store rather than online
  15. The red looks stunning, but I have many a red guitar so I guess I should vary it a little. Gonna try and find a store that has one on display, but I'm sure they will be nice. I've been waiting for something like this to be released for a long time. I've always wanted an Elitist Sheraton but they are hard to come by. Given the current build quality of the Chinese Epiphones, and the fact these have USA pickups, I'd can't resist. Hard case too! Ant
  16. Hi all Getting MAJOR gas for one of these. Has anyone taken the plunge yet? Can't decide between the Natural and Sunburst...... http://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/electric_guitars_detail.asp?stock=12101916460058 Ant
  17. Just one. A Chinese Casino. It was one if first Chinese produced models after the.move from Korea and it was obvious that they were still finding their feet. Horrible wood, finish and construction. Apart from that i love my Epiphones. I own a recent Chinese Riviera and its an amazing guitar. I think they know what they are doing now.
  18. Not posted here for a while, so this is a good way to mark my return! My Cherry and Honey bursts:
  19. I always like seeing this picture....
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