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  1. This whole bouncing support backwards and forwards between employees and customers is foolish. This info needs to be in the public domain. If one user has a problem they almost certainly won't be alone. People search forums and support threads for answers. Hard to do if they're stored on email servers or employee hard drives.
  2. Or, you can use a keyboard, a soft synth a tune you already know the key for, look on beatport.com or at least a dozen other solutions which spring to mind, least of which is USING YOUR EARS you know, like what proper DJs do. None of these will cost you 58 anything.
  3. Key usually refers to Key Correction which is actually part of a greater wonder known as timestretching. Back in the good old days when DJs was DJs and all there was was vinyl stretching aas far as the eye could see, pitch-shifting a record made it faster or slooooower but also changed the pitch or key of the sound as well. Too slow and your vocalist sounded like someone after a face full of Mogodon, too fast and well you know it was happy hardcore right? Elastic digital audio means you can use timestretching to change the tempo(bpm) of a sound whilst keeping the pitch or key (A,A#,Cm whatever) unaffected OR use key correction to change the key the sound plays at whilst the tempo stays the same. You can even slow tempo and increase key or vice versa and extremes of this principle are behind how some beatmashers work. And that's how that works.
  4. Hi dude. This file gives all the data for creating SCS.3d presets in Bomes MIDI Translator. These are the files DaRouter uses to send MIDI commands between the 3d units and the software they're controlling. The original presets are .bmte and are encrypted by Stanton. They can only be opened by DaRouter and cannot be viewed or edited. Most are also available as .bmtp files and can be opened, edited and saved in Bomes MT. You can get more info about Bome MT here: http://www.bome.com/ and there is also a tutorial available to download here: http://www.bome.com/bome/downloads/manuals/miditranslator_tutorial_scs3_quickstart.pdf The forum is a great support community http://www.bome.com/forum/ as is this one: http://www.forum.djtechtools.com All the best mate.
  5. The 3m sends data on MIDI ch1. If I can't get hold of either the output map or the MIDI Implementation chart from anyone I'll just make one and post links. In the absence of any form of satisfactory support from official channels I have decided to gather as much information as possible and make easily and freely available to all. If anyone has any data, documentation or info they wish to add just get in touch and if anyone else has a problem with my plan then they're more than welcome to go away and cry about it. More soon.....
  6. You know trying to find any info on these things online is so frustrating its nice to see some activity here. So, here's what I'm after. I hope you can help. 1. A preset with browsing and loading that's not mapped to vinyl2. I'm sure I remember a preset that gives a trigger2 set of functions but I can't find it now. 2. The Ableton Live preset. I know one exists as I've seen it. Once again, can't find it. 3. The full midi specs. I need to get the units into Application Feedback Mode and would also like to know how to assign them to midi channels above 8. My APC40 uses a lot of them and of course I'm getting conflicts. 4. A decent link repository to tuts, guides, forums and advice that have been around for ages. There is info out there but google only seems to want to show results of people selling them. I hope I can get some feedback here, I've been through a lot trying to get these things up and running and now I feel like just buying something else and to hell with it. Thanks
  7. Hi mate and thanks for the reply. I have fixed all but one of my issues by replacing all of the USB cables with high quality ones sent to me by Focusrite Novation who take care of Stantons distribution and support here in the UK. These things are incredibly temperamental when it comes to USB and only time will tell how well they'll fare in a live environment. You're totally right about DaRouter. Horrible name, horrible software. I'm actually in the process of building a satisfactory template using Bome MT Pro, first for 2 decks, then 4. I'm considering ditching Traktor altogether and mapping the SCS3 to 4 tracks in Ableton Live and, when it finally gets here, Bitwig Studio. Once again, thanks for the great info. I sincerely hope you're planning on being a regular here.
  8. Hi Alex, No arguments from me in fact for years now I've been singing Stantons praises almost evangelically to anyone who even touches decks. All the vinyl djs in our crew use and abuse Stantons decks and also spread the word now after all being converted away from Technics 1210s. Its the digital kit and the lack of after sales support I'm not so convinced by. The reality is that if we don't start seeing some real efforts to improve customer support and promote some genuine community building here on the forum then I'll have no choice but to go elsewhere. I like Stanton. The question is, how much do they like us back?
  9. First up the Stanton support is pretty half hearted wouldn't you agree? What about uploading all the great support posts from the old forum? Nemonic did a great job making sure users had access to great info and now its all lost. Get it sorted. Also, as you've acquired Cerwin Vega and KRK will you be doing the same to their forums effectively making this a one stop shop for product support and updates?
  10. You know a download link to the latest build might be considered a sensible move. Just saying.....
  11. Any confirmation on this guys? The lack of support here is NOT exactly filling me with confidence you know.
  12. My question is this. As a customer who purchased an SCS3 system bundled with NI Traktor will I get a free cross grade to Virtual DJ LE now that you've officially cut ties with NI?
  13. Sorry dude I'm PC and never run SSL but I know it meant to work. Have you got the right files for the middleware DaRouter software? You know nemonic already covered all this stuff on the old Stanton forum which although dead at least had some information on it. I hope Gibson have the sense to re-up all the old posts from there.
  14. Hi dude. Happy to help but need some details. What OS are you running?
  15. Hello mate, I use the 3m and 3d. As they're class compliant controllers they can both work as standard to send straight midi data to any instrument or host. You don't need any middleware unless you want to create more complex setups. Just map them. If you do want to create something more complex youll need a MIDI translator. The appallingly named DaRouter software that ships with the SCS3 is based on Bomes MT Pro which i can recommend as I use it but its not free. MIDIOX or other free options can do similar. Thats all I can say without more details. Good luck. Let us know how you get on.
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