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  1. 1977 Master Model 2103 Was this one remotely original and worth what it sold for on the Bay?? http://www.ebay.com/itm/271778160737...l2649&ssPageNa me=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT eBay item number: 271778160737 Looks like its been re-tolexed, maybe new speakers and can't quite see if the serial number is a 77'. How original was this amp?? Thoughts??
  2. The search is on...I'm looking for a 2010-2011 Epi Riviera Limited Edition guitar. These guitars came with mini humbuckers, frequensator tailpice, a black truss rod cover and Custom Shop stamp on the back of the head stock. If you have one for sale or know of one that is for sale, please let me know. Thanks!!
  3. I found a nice Epi 335, 59 model. End of this search!
  4. Hi guys...I'm still looking to close a deal on one of these 59' Epiphone 335 guitars. Let me know if you have one for sale or know of one for sale please. Thx!
  5. Hi...you contacted me on a 59 Epiphone 335.

    What's the color, year & condition? Also, can you send me a pic or two?

  6. I continue to look for one of these 59 335 Epiphone guitars!! I had a few of them lined up but for one reason or another could not get deals done. Forum gods...please shine down and help deliver me one of these babies.
  7. I located 3 of these 2007-2009 created 59 reissue Epiphone 335 DOT guitars with the help of forum members. However, I can't seem to get the sellers to commit. I've had easier transactions with several thousand dollar guitars. lol Anyway, I'm still searching for 59 reissue Epiphone 335.
  8. Thanks for the help locating these Epi 59 335s. I'm chasing 3 of them!! One owner won't ship and the other two guys are slow to respond. Uuuuugh. Guess I'm just a "get it done" type of guy. lol
  9. Still in search of a Epiphone ES 335 59 Ltd Ed.
  10. Happy Holidays!! One of my friends just left after a jam session, which he brought in a used Epiphone 335 59 Ltd Ed in sunburst. I was skeptical of the tone, quality and playability until I heard him play through a few songs. Then, I became a believer when I played the guitar. I really liked it and want to buy one. I'm hoping someone on the forum owns an Epi 335 59 Ltd Ed or knows someone who may be interested in selling one. I located the following information on the web about this model....... The Epiphone '59 ES-335 Dot was a limited run of Epiphone guitars based on the classic 1959 Gibson ES-335. It is only available through AIMM (Alliance of Independant Music Merchants) dealers and is officially known as "Ltd Ed '1959 ES-335 DOT". It features a laminited maple body with a rounded,'50s profile mahogony glued in, set neck. The scale length is 24.75" with a nicely bound, 14" radius, rosewood fingerboard. Nut width is 1-11/16th". Both the "LockTone" tune-o-matic bridge and the "LockTone" stopbar are NICKEL plated…NOT chrome, as a nod to its heritage. An Epiphone all metal 3-way toggle switch with "aged" cap, vintage tulip tuners, "Limited Edition" logo on the headstock, a period correct label visible through the "F" hole and a "'59 ES-335 DOT" truss rod cover contribute to the unique look of this sweet playing beauty. Epiphone's much improved, double wax potted "Alnico Classic" pickups in both the neck and bridge position will leave you wondering if your eyes deceive you or maybe a Gibson Dot 335 slipped through with the Epi logo on the headstock. Available in Black and Vintage Sunburst. Specifications: Epiphone '59 ES-335 DotOther:"limited edition" logo on back of headstock, "'59 ES-335 Dot" on truss rod coverTailpiece:LockTone stopbarFingerboard radius:14"Fingerboard material:RosewoodBridge:LockTone "tune-o-matic"Pickup selector:3-way toggle switchControls:1-neck volume, 1-neck tone, 1-bridge volume, 1-bridge toneBridge pickup:Alnico ClassicNeck pickup:Alnico ClassicMachine heads:Vintage Tulip tunersHardware:NickelNut width:1-11/16"Scale length:24.75"Neck joint:glued-in, set neckNeck shape:rounded, 1950's profile
  11. The buyer informed me there's one similar to mine on eBay listed at $2,399. Also, another guitar website has user data on two dozen Faded Standards LP's that were recently SOLD on eBay. The summary is as follows... Faded Standard LP - 2004-2006 - 50's Neck - Avg Selling Price - $1,888 Faded Standard LP - 2004-2006 - 60's Neck - Avg Selling Price - $1,705 Faded Standard LP - 2007-09 - 50's Neck - Avg Selling Price - $1,998 Faded Standard LP - 2007-09 - 60's Neck - Avg Selling Price - $1,770 The buyer and I are quite satisfied. He's got himself a great playing and looking guitar and I can pick up another R9.
  12. Can't post in classified section here...yet. Have not been here long enough to find out why. Could be I need to be a paying member or my info neds to be validated.
  13. 2005 Standard Faded Les Paul available with 50's thick neck! This guitar is in superb condition and just returned from the local Gibson dealer with a complete set up. The guitar action is low with no buzzing, it stays in tune perfectly and sustains forever! The color is Honeyburst, it has the desirable 50's neck and weighs about 10 lbs. This Les Paul also has some nice flame in the top. I'm firm on the price and not interested in trades. These are very sought after model Gibson, before they started hollowing out the bodies by chambering or weight relieving. The original hang tags, Gibson hard shell case and cream pick guard is included with the guitar! $2,000
  14. I'm a big fan of JB and have been since his first album, that’s right..album in 1972. I've followed JB over the years and have been to about 8 of his concerts. It's interesting to me that he actually endorsed a sig series from any company regardless of how much he made in the deal. As for the guitar, I've held and played one and they are great guitars. They are comfortable playing, very well built and have a nice BOOMING tone. The one I played needed a set up in terms of action adjustment and had a lil issue staing in tune. The JB model I played was impressive but not enough for ME to lay down the cash for that particular body style and Sig series guitar. Any item will bring whatever someone is willing to pay on any given day and the price paid can vary more than you think. I owned a retail guitar business for 15 years before going corporate consulting and observed this interesting buyer behavior on more than one occasion. I'd watch several guys hem & haw over the retail price of a Jimmy Page Sig Series LP and the next day a guy comes in with a gold card and pays full price. Even on used gear…..I’ve had Townsend & Presley used acoustics, Slash LP…and someone will always step up to pay the asking price. I even had several Fender or even Sig Series Rickenbacker guitars including a Susanna Hoffs Ricky NIB, which I bought and sold 3 different times. Each time I got more $$ for it than I did when it was new. Sig series will always be desirable to collectors more so than hardcore players. There are always going to be buyers out there interested in these types of guitars and it only takes ONE to pay big money. $7700 & $5800 MRSP is hefty, especially for an artist that most people don’t know and a fraction of players recognize. Ultimately, I bet you’ll see the folks that own the JB models are more JB fans than speculators on investments. Now, to actually get to answer your question (lol)….here’s an A that sold for just over 4k on ebay recently. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&_trksid=p4340.l2557&item=300660391317&nma=true&rt=nc&si=5ep6VB5Y%252B8odsUqyBouzLUv5D10%253D&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWAX%3AIT&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc If you can get either model below 50% of cost in clean condition, you cannot lose. My advise is to find someone in a message board that has one and see if you can get into it via trading. Always better to be the ONLY guy negotiating with a seller than to get into a competitive situation on CL or eBay. I ALWAYS made out in trades, whether it was when I had a retail business or even to this day. Beware…wanting almost always feels better than having. lol That being said, go get yourself one of the JB acoustics and enjoy!! Interesting exchange on the JB model here…. http://www.acousticguitarforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=218373 Jackson playing his model...
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