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  1. System doesnt see added new songs into existing playlists - this is the weakest thing on this machine. I do it this way - press SYSTEM button, in menu DEVICES select usb disk and select REBUILD SONG DATABASE - But it takes a lot of time.
  2. Im missing this function too, but only for songs played over 1-2 min ( maybe user selected time 0.5,1,1.5,2 min)
  3. Hi all Gibson (Stanton) team, I have got troubles using a jog dial wheel. Probably bad rotary encoder Can I ask you for a part number of the original or any possible replacement? Thanks for response
  4. Hi RobbieT I have got about 1500mp3 on one USB 16GB stick ( and copy on second as a backup) I think, that this is enough for me for 6 hours of playing. If you will combine 2 usb sticks and will try to save active playlist ( list of songs played from the start), there will be only songs in saved playlist which are stored on corresponding usb stick . Hope you understand... Mp3 is good enough format.... Im using Stanton paper box for transport and as a stand under SCS... it is higher - better display view and handling
  5. Hi, I recommend you to use 1/4 TRS output - it has stronger signal
  6. Hi All GIBSON/STANTON team I would like to ask, what is max. playing time for one song (mp3 and wav)? My mix is 1:29h long and is not playable . I tried to resample from bitrate 320kb to 256 and it doesnt help. It is 44.1kHz, constant bitrate. Thanks for advice
  7. I dont lose manually adjusted BPMs, but only CUE points.
  8. I always make a new playlist, so the songs are visible. Im trying not to using old playlist. If it is necessary i make update songs database, but it takes only 0,5 hour (about 1000 songs, 16GB flashdisk). I hope it will be solved sometimes....
  9. Ive got the same problem, SCS doesnt analyze songs again, but it takes some time. ( Try this. Take empty usb flasdisk, create folder with 10songs and with playlist. Then add new songs into playlist and make database rebuild) For new songs i use another USB flashdisk, where i can rebuild database when main disk is out from the machine. After collecting enough songs for one playlist, I move them to main flashdisk. They are analyzed, but you dont have to do rebuild. Its annoying , but there is no other way
  10. there are 3 solutions for you now : 1. After loading song you have to move the cursor onto different song - but you have to remember do it every time 2. in DISPLAY SETTINGS MENU change JUMP ON LOAD to ON - after loading song it will change screen to wave screen, then if you turn back to playlist screen your cursor positon will stay 3. wait for update.. Hope you understand...
  11. If you are adding new tracks in to existing playlist, you have to rebuild the song database : press SYSTEM button - then DEVICES- select your usb device and REBUILD SONGS DATABASE
  12. I have to ask, what are advantages of using this unit with PC? It should be better to buy dedicated console like DJC4 if you want to use PC and DJ software?
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