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  1. The repair tech should have at least been able to tell you if there was a defect in the neck (fretting out btwn frets 4-8). There could be a deformation in the fingerboard or fret "rise" in that spot. To the intonation issue, if the proper scale length has been established for each string using the angled intonation screws on each roller saddle, I don't see how the TransTrem can be blamed for some mysterious "one for the books" intonation problem. It shouldn't be a fret placement issue because that manufacturing process is standardized for every guitar and ALL strings would be off-pitch in that same touble spot. Did the repair guy say why 4-8 was fretting-out? I imagine you would've heard back by now but, if not, I would call Gibson (1-800-4GIBSON (1-800-444-2766)). I had a problem with some damaged screws on my new ZT3 and this guy Roger Ball at Gibson took care of it pretty quick. If you bought it new, and can get a good repair guy to confirm the neck is bad, use the warranty to get them to replace the neck or maybe the whole guitar. This guitar isn't cheap and you'll regret later not getting them to make this right when you're stuck with a guitar you're not happy with.
  2. I had no idea my ZT3 had a knife-edge fulcrum design until I saw these pictures. I was reading on the internets that previous TTs were ball-bearing pivots and were drying out because they weren't sealed. Also, good to know Neddy (or someone) figured out a solution to the Floyd-type wear problem, just make replaceable friction-point pieces. Simple genius! Oh, and I love the happy slave-labor ending!!
  3. I just got a new ZT3 and I noticed this too. It seems to me it's not a matter of "softness" but rather, these 'jaw height' screws weren't machined properly and the female hex heads are a little too big. I asked Gibson for new ones because the "B" jaw height screw is beginning to wedge and strip and I assume the others will follow. The 5/64" (I think that's the size) hex wrench fits fine in the Combo Headpiece set screws (for the plain ends of single ball strings) and the tops of the 40:1 tuners, so it's not the wrench. The next hex wrench size up in English (3/32") and Metric (2.5mm) measurements are too big. I'll see if the new ones will show any improvement. Maybe this will be fixed on the ZT4!! In the mean time, the best thing to do is hold the wrench at a slightly lower angle to try and take up the extra space inside the hex head while turning and to take it REAL slow.
  4. What's the deal with those 2 hex screws that secure the trem assembly? The ones on the high-E side of the bridge you have to bend down the trem to get to. If they're too tight, the smoothness going from "floating" to "locked" is gone. When I get it just right, they loosen as soon as I do a little extra whammy action. Then the bar wobbles too much. I'm wondering if I'm missing something and why it was designed this way.
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