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  1. Anyone still following this thread? I have updates but only if I'm posting for someone to see!
  2. Native support for SCS.1D please!!! I love you Gibson, that is all.
  3. If Serato DJ gave this support, I would go around kissing people.
  4. Since they are pretty new and hungry for market share, is there a chance that Stanton will work with these guys? The software looks very promising. One
  5. The only fix is to reseat those connections from the LCDs to the board. It may be well above some users level of comfort, and may even be worthless. You may damage something that other than the screens is functional.
  6. Good to see you got it figured out. I must admit, that's beyond my skills.
  7. +1 Pitch fader resolution though I don't know if possible.
  8. anderz, What sort of things would you like to see improved in a future firmware/DaRouter? I'm pretty happy with it but you posting ideas will surely help Stanton target specific features.
  9. You pressed the setup button after turning it on and nothing? The firmware shows on the top scribble strips.
  10. Little things change from update to update, but you will get familiar with the settings you need to change to fine tune it.
  11. Hahaha just missed your post! Good to see you got it working. Cheers mate!
  12. Anderz, Go to Controller Manager (no idea if it is called the same if you are using Windows) where you can change the settings on your MIDI controller, scroll until you see scratch under the control column and then change the value of the rotary acceleration under rotary encoder to zero. Make sure you do this on all 4 decks.
  13. Thanks Andrew, got the goods!

  14. Prof, do you have a mapping legend of the last SCS.1D Traktor preset?

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