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  1. the sweetest sound comes from my les paul ( 76 Custom with 3 original pup) with the bridge and middle together. nothing I have found sounds like it!!!
  2. got e-mail from gison, clicked on link to check it out on the forum, "Favorite Pickup Combinations" said I was not authorized???????????
  3. I went searching to find something better than my custom... only to find nothing comes close, yes it's heavy, a wide padded leather strap sure did help, I have a couple of new toys, and the 61 re issue SG, love the neck, very close if not the same as my les paul custom (1976), but it doesn't quite sound as nice. I love an SG, my first gibson was an SG, but like I said...nothing comes close to my paul. thanks Barry
  4. lovatobarry


    I think I got lucky, I don't have a lot of money, and I love Gibsons, I have a Epiphone SG-400, and I wanted it to sound more like my gibson les paul. so I set out to get educated on gibson pick-ups. I decided I wanted to put 490 pick-ups in the sg, so I looked on line and found e-bay and used 490s. you never know what your gonna get. I found a chrome or nickle set, ( I think they are chrome covers), but I had to bid on each one separately, at the last minute someone out bid me on the bridge pick-up so I lost it. I then started bidding on several pick-ups. I wanted chrome covers cuz that's w
  5. I have a 76 LP Custom. it is heavy, I used to not like playing it because it hurt my shoulder. I bought a Levy 4" or 4 1/2" wide padded leather strap, cost about $50.00. It was well worth it this strap is the best. I love playing my old LP now. Buy a wide padded leather Levy strap. you will not be disappointed.
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