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  1. If you supply the layout, I could build one up (obviously not half as clean as yours), and provide a quality sound sample ;) -Ryan
  2. Could go with a natural masked binding. Tape off the edge of the guitar, stain, remove tape, sand a little stain away on the top edge (just a couple mm) and clear over that. -Ryan Edit: Could use a roundover bit with your router with a very small radius to get the top edge of the "binding" showing.
  3. Everything he said ^ And I hope you all know that if one of my "celebrity" clients requires something outside of my area of expertise but inside one of yours, I'll be sending them your way ;) -Ryan
  4. LT1054, as I always do. Really efficient from my tests, and 100mA max output current is enough to power anything analog (besides a power amp). -Ryan
  5. Oh, my name is already out there...building this for a guy who tours India regularly, and just recently did some work for the guitarist for Shawn Mendes...also in contact with Lady Gaga's guitar player. Getting recommendations left and right. It's getting there. -Ryan
  6. Was going to go with one big board, but decided on several small ones. It's slightly cheaper (you pay for all the empty space that you can't fill), and I get multiples of each circuit, so I can re-use the extras in other projects. More wiring for me, but I don't like making boards the size of a 1590BB. Also helps if it turns out I screwed up the circuit when I designed one of them...I'd rather fix and re-order a $5-$10 PCB than a $50 PCB. -Ryan
  7. Working on a quite complicated project for a client in the coming weeks...it's an all-in-one practice solution for him. He's a jazz guitarist/singer, and wanted something compact that he could use in his hotel room with headphones. His requirements were: - Guitar input - Microphone input - Auxiliary input for MP3 player - Mix controls for each I gave him a bit more...quite a bit more in fact. He's thrilled with the design. This is probably the most I've crammed into a 1590BB before. So we have a guitar preamp (which is the preamp section of his favorite Polyton
  8. A sad day for the pedal community...Nicholas Harris, founder of CatalinBread, was killed by a falling tree on a highway yesterday. Condolences to his family and everyone at CatalinBread...his work will never be forgotten. -Ryan
  9. Time to work on your fretting hand technique. Get your hammer-ons and pull-offs as loud as a picked note. Practice bending in different increments, and to really challenge yourself, coming Down from a bend in increments. The usual stuff: Scales, patterns, arpeggios and most licks are also an option... Wishing a speedy recovery for you! -Ryan
  10. Wolfe's aim wasn't to make these hum-cancelling P90's. They're true P90's that fit in humbucker routs that use mounting rings. Most "Humbucker-sized P90's" are a compromise; they change the coil structure to make it fit, or use a smaller gauge of wire so the coil can be smaller, among other things. Wolfe's is just meant to be a real, regular noisy P90 that fits in a mounting ring-equipped humbucker guitar using a special cover. -Ryan
  11. And for those who'd like to hear them...the Doug & Pat Show on Youtube got a set of prototypes to test out and compare... -Ryan
  12. My buddy Wolfe at Wolfetone Pickups started a Kickstarter almost 2 weeks ago for a new pickup design he's patented...a true, no-compromise P90 in a humbucker rout. It uses a special cover to mount in the existing four holes of a humbucker mounting ring, and requires no modification of the guitar. Problem is, the tooling is expensive, hence the Kickstarter. He's gotten some traction, but I figured some of you guys might be interested, considering a vast majority of Gibson guitars have their humbuckers mounted in rings. And well, some of the rewards are discounted pickups from his range
  13. For me it's a combination of things...thickness, profile, edge radius, fretboard radius and fret size...can't really narrow it down to just the back of the neck. I found the perfect neck profile for me in my '64 Gibson Melody Maker. It felt "right" from the moment I picked it up. The problem is, no manufacturer makes that neck profile. At the first fret, it's about 0.75". At the 12th fret, it's a full 1". Quite the drastic taper. Makes it nice and comfortable down at the nut-end, but there's enough wood up around the 12th fret to keep things sounding fat. It also has a weird contour...it s
  14. As an example of how fickle the color purple can be, here's a comparison I made. The left one is the raw, unedited photo. The right one was edited to make it match the actual color of the pedal, on my monitors. Even though you probably won't see the same colors I'm seeing, you should be able to see how drastic the difference is. -Ryan (Edit: On my monitors, the left photo is almost blue, while the right (color corrected one) is more of an eggplant or orchid purple.)
  15. Another problem with purple...good luck photographing it. Depending on the screen it's viewed on, magenta can look almost blue, or dark purple can look pink... -Ryan
  16. Wow, that looks like shrunken down flame maple, stained green! -Ryan
  17. I believe they use some kind of filter (probably a simple high-pass or bandpass) to shape the frequency response of the tapped coils to make it sound more P90-esque...and I'll admit it's a pretty useful sound from what I've heard. -Ryan
  18. It's torrefaction, which where you cook the wood in a special oven with all the oxygen sucked out (a vacuum). Fire needs fuel (wood), heat and oxygen to start. By removing the oxygen, they can cook it for longer periods and get all the moisture out, without the wood burning. -Ryan
  19. Not an incredibly interesting one, but something I'll definitely be doing from now on. I love short-shaft toggle switches. I hate the normal length ones that stick up almost as high as the pots. Sometimes I like to stick a toggle switch on the side of a pedal (if it would make it too crowded on the face), and the normal shafts will interfere with a right-angle plug. The short-shafts clear it. Sadly, I've only been able to find short-shaft SPDT toggles, where a lot of the time I need a DPDT or 3PDT toggle switch. So today I decided to rip open one of my 3PDT toggles and one of my sh
  20. Oh, and nice trademark evasion here ;) (Under the Arrow) "My own design based on a cross between a double cut Tele and a Gisbon Special with a 24.75" scale length. A slimmed down rock machine." These things happen. All part of the process :P -Ryan
  21. Nice work. Spotted a typo on the homepage "My Own Uniuqe Builds". I'll be checking it regularly for updates ;) -Ryan
  22. Very nice. What was it plugged into? Might want to put that in the videos, or at least the description. I got a little excited when I saw a URL at the end, but it appears it's still under construction :P -Ryan
  23. Mine was from the initial batch from StoneWorks, and was cheaper. He only had about a dozen. -Ryan
  24. Those are called Widmanst├Ątten patterns. They're also the proof that it's from a meteorite; these patterns only form when the nickel-iron cools slowly over millions of years. You can't replicate it. -Ryan
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