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  1. Folks, I am trying to get the particulars on this ES-330. Posted 4 photos of limited size. Serial Number 854145 Please help me with any info on this particular guitar. Is it a 19 fret or 16 fret? Wide or Narrow neck? Thanks, JohnnyB
  2. Thanks. Looks like I have the ABR-1. I am planning on getting the Faber Replacement.
  3. Folks, What type of bridge does my 2012 ES-359 have installed. Is it a Nashville or ABR-1. Thanks, JohnnyB
  4. Do the 60's vintage SG's have the same neck heavy, neck dive problem as the new models; Requiring a suede and/or large strap to play standing up? I have never played an SG from the 60's? Thanks, JohnnyB
  5. Thanks for the INFO!! Cheers, JohnnyB
  6. Did the 1964 Gibson SG Special ever have a factory installed Bigsby? When was the Bigsby an option on the SG's? Thanks, JohnnyB
  7. Below is my SG specifications I'm looking for. Please help me determine which years and models fit this list. P90's No Tremelo One piece body preferred Rosewood fretboard preferred 60's Neck or equivalent Price Range: Up to $2500 Traditional Colors, Not White or Yellow I am very confused with all the Reissue and Custom Shop over the years. Thanks, JohnnyB
  8. I am refining my search criteria and request your help. What was the last year that PAF's were available in the SG Standard and Customs? Are they the same PAF's as in the highly valuable 58-60 Les Pauls? Thanks, JohnnyB
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