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  1. My grandfather and AP Carter were first cousins and grew up in the same area so I'm somewhat from the same family as the Carter family. I have a cousin who played drums in a band with Jerry Hensley who was Johnny Cash's touring guitarist in the late 70s until he passed away. My brother plays accordion and another cousin was on The Voice.
  2. An Orange tube amp. Rocker 30, OR15, Dual Terror, etc... Crank that puppy and experience sonic nirvana!
  3. Dan, I read somewhere that the run was one hundred and eighty some. The ones that Lonnie has I'm pretty sure are prototypes from the Custom Shop. Some of the production models were probably modified, played heavily, or abused. Many are probably overseas where values are often higher and won't ever make their way into the domestic market. I think demand either already outstrips supply or it will soon. Either way, these guitars ain't going down in value.
  4. I found out the LM Flying V was featured in The Flying V Book which is available on Amazon.com and excerpts are available through Google Books. Here is a screenshot from that book:
  5. For practice I have a little Mustang I. It's a great little modeling combo for around $125 new. But I bought a 30 watt Carvin Belair 2x12 tube amp used for $225. It gets pristine cleans, a nice overdriven tone, lush reverb, and an effects loop. It's a gig-worthy little combo. Watch Craigslist and you might score.
  6. No need to double dip when I bury the whole chip up to my knuckles. It's finger licking good. To the OP: I've been looking for ads or literature to no avail. There's someone I can ask what they have on the guitar and if they have any info I'll share it with you.
  7. I love the character of that amp! It is very close to the sound I'm looking for. I bet it would absolutely sing for lead with a bit of clean boost like a Pigtronix Class A Drive kicked in for leads. The riffing sounds phenomenal through it. Would love to hear it cranked in person.
  8. This is the only photo of my Midtown I have on my phone. I like the book matched top on the one near the top of the first page much better than mine, but even with my three piece top I'm very happy with this guitar. It plays and sounds like a dream.
  9. I enjoy a good 'sparing' match occasionally but I'm failing to see much to spar over. You can ask anything you want for your guitar. There's nothing inherently wrong with greed, it's dishonesty that I have a problem with. As far as I can see you're totally honest with your intentions so I think you deserve to get as much as you can get out of your guitar. Whether or not you had posted that you wanted $10G for yours I still would have posted that link for the guy who said he might buy one if he found a good deal. But if you think of something worth sparring over give me a shout. I might be able to come up with a few insults and throw a proper anonymous Internet forum temper tantrum.
  10. I wasn't taking any kind of shot at you for pricing yours at $10,000 whatsoever. The way I understood what you wrote is that's what it is worth to you and unless you get offered that you'll be content keeping it. I feel the same way about some guitars (and other things) I own and didn't think you were being outrageous at all. You even stated that the going price is around $3,500. The reason I posted that was I couldn't swing the cash and since these are rare and don't pop up very frequently, I thought someone following this thread might be interested in it. Sorry my post offended you. On second thought, I'm not really that worried about it.
  11. Mine doesn't have the gap. It was pretty much flawless except the nut was too high and had to be recut. I could nail the intonation all the way up the neck past the 5th fret but from the 5th to the 1st it became progressively sharper. Open chords sounded like crap. http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d74/thanksbutnothanks/Mobile%20Uploads/image.jpg
  12. There is one for sale on Reverb.com. https://reverb.com/item/69752-gibson-flying-v-lonnie-mack-artist-model-1994-wine-transparent $3900, but supposedly it's in near mint condition. If I had the funds available I'd be tempted, but I'm not really in a position to buy that right now.
  13. Musician's Friend has Les Paul Junior Specials with humbuckers so you won't need to do any mods. Mine should be here tomorrow. Les Paul Junior Special w/Humbuckers
  14. Here are my evil twins: Both are 2012 models with baked maple fretboards.
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