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    Whilst I never participate in these type threads( keeps ya sane , ya know) , this one brought a persevering question to mind I feel only the elite Gibson Lounge members can rightfully answer . Homz and Neo both claim to bait each other in rousing political debate. I humbly ask you all : Homz or Neo , which one is the bigger Master Baiter?
  2. Opinions were pretty mixed on this at work today. Some of us felt it was not real cool , some said that it was his and he could do what he liked with it . We all agreed that the fact that poor guitar stayed intact with the impacts was a statement on how hard we work to build a good product. She took her blows with dignity!
  3. Interviewed him today before the Pocono race . He said NASCAR and Gibson was cool with it. He bought two more guitars , one for him , one for his crew chief. He plans on bandsawing the smashed guitar , autographing the pieces and giving them to his crew. He also did say Gibson makes some well built guitars so maybe there was some good that came from it?
  4. That trophy is a Les Paul straight out of the Custom Shop. What a waste.
  5. Beg to differ. Bought a brand new 1988 Nissan Hardbody 4x4 way back when. 14,0000 miles: Muffler is completely rotted and is about to fall off.( "Sorry sir, we only a 12 month , 12,000 mile warranty." ) 40,000 miles : Front steering is completely shot and has be replaced. Non greasable steering components rock! 56,000 miles ( exactly 10 days after I made the last payment on this POS): Manual transmission pukes it's guts out at 55 mph on interstate. My first and last Nissan. My ancient 1997 S10 with 200,000 miles starts right up and goes when ya need it to.....
  6. That Dodge Challenger is one sexy beast , I would so pimp that!
  7. Making my fleet of automotive junk faster , look better,and keep running whilst craftily not letting wifey know much I spend on 'em...
  8. I do not feel a need to shave my leg as I am sure several other forum members feel the same way....
  9. We try very hard to bring you the best, dat's da troof!
  10. Rap is missing a "C" in front of it...
  11. I lived in Southern Illinois ( specifically Marion-Carbondale area) most of my younger years. Just far up enough north to have actual snow. I still own some farmland around Tamms
  12. Hmmm , perhaps I should start a grassroots campaign: badjuju342 for Gibson president. Y'all could write Henry and tell him what a great person I am. And if elected I promise you dis, dat , an' de udder ting!
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