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  1. nilton, why you need a auto gain for master output? is unuseful!!
  2. hello Professor ! there will be further additions to the SCS4DJ firmware ? or news that you intend is to refer to a new console? and if so, when will these changes? I'm buying back the stanton i had sold some months ago for the GAIN problem now solved! Thanks!
  3. Ennio ..Magari ci fosse il guadagno sui canali... é a mio avviso l 'unica pecca di questa consolle. Probabilmente faranno un modello superiore... ma non per ora. Della versatilità di Linux sono d'accordo, ma loro non si vogliono allargare più di tanto in quanto a compatibilitá e accessori. Purtroppo!
  4. quello che chiedi è abbastanza impossibile! dubito lo faranno mai!
  5. If u create playlist from the consolle you see one m3u for each folder and a "global" m3u in root of drive... why? If i erase that wha 's happen??
  6. other error of playlist... with song name e song files in perfect alfabetical order... at start of gig the list of song is in order.. after sometime about 30% of titles change position! is it possible??
  7. Same problem.... also with new database made with different pc
  8. same problem, during a gig... from a song , during all the session , autogain set al song at peak! so i used a cdj for restart consolle! damn!!
  9. i suggest a GAIN CONTROL with the combination of BACK(LONG PRESSED) + JOG for deck A and ENTER(LONG PRESSED) + JOG for deck B ... so in this case there's no problem for Normal users...and is intuitive for gain control during gigs! and also possibility of swap the MASTER LEVEL LED in GAIN LEVEL of EACH DECK... THANKS!!! THE SCS 4 DJ is a great consolle... but professionals dj needs GAIN CONTROL! the rest is a game!
  10. is strange, cause i never head this bug before 2.1 ... but ok... we wait an update!!
  11. hi! i found this problem of pitch after scratching after my update from 2.0 to 2.1 ... the 2.0 version have not this bug! so.. is possible to downgrade to 2.0 now??
  12. if the mp3 have a image the comment is "0"
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