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  1. Curious as to what string gauge folks are using for their Gibson ES 330 guitars thoughts are welcome .
  2. Went ahead and decided on a Elitist so here she is . Was about to buy the standard then thought with the mods I would do just get this should be set .
  3. Do the new Casinos come with a hardshell case not Elitist or such just the stock Casinos ?
  4. Ive had a few Casinos and found them all great playing guitars but to my ears they sound thin in comparison to the ES330 VOS . So its the VOS natural that I have and will keep but to each his own whatever works and inspires you .
  5. Curious what folks here are using for their acoustic guitars Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Strings or Bronze strings .
  6. I had a Gibson J200 natural but had the opportunity and tried a J 200 Mystic rosewood and I just fell in love with the guitar . It just had every characteristic I've ever wanted to hear in a acoustic guitar plus the cosmedics don't hurt either . When folks talk about a woody tone this guitar has all that and more .
  7. g6120

    Gibson J 200

    Well just purchased a new Gibson SJ 200 natural for 2900.00 so I think that fairly good price . Plays great and sound wonderful maple back and sides .
  8. g6120

    Gibson J 200

    So there is no structural differences they are the same in that respect .
  9. g6120

    Gibson J 200

    One thing whats the difference between a Gibson J 200 and the SJ 200 . Appreciate all who have made suggestions .
  10. Im thinking about getting a natural J 200 standard . What are folks paying for this guitar new . Thoughts are welcome .
  11. Great guitars ES 330 VOS Two covers below I did the lead vocal Beatles & Badfinger .
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