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  1. In the last 6 years I've bought 3 new Gibsons.I bought a 2003 135 with stop tailpiece and classic 57's for $899,and last year I bought a Les Paul Trad Pro for$1600 out the door,and a faded SG for $650.My buddy bought a 59 reissue for $5600.I've played for 40 years and all 3 of my "cheap Gibson"guitars sound and play as nice as any guitar i've ever owned.Heres to Gibson hope they last forever.
  2. I was going to pop for a 57 gold top reissue,wanted one for years,40 to be exact,Then I played the trad pro.I've had mine for 7 months now and I just love this guitar.No regret on my desision at all.
  3. I've had a Trad pro for 6 months now and it's a great guitar.You could play any type of gig with it from country to metal.The combination of single coil and humbucker are great.I seem to leave my neck pickup on single coil and my bridge on humbuker and the middle position just chimes for rythym.The locking tuners are great and the neck is really comfy.I've played for 40 years and have owned 70 or 80 guitars and this is one of my favorites.My
  4. I have a LP with a 57 at the neck and a bb3 at the bridge wth coil tap and its incredibly versitile.I have a 135 with 57's and it is a great blues and jazz sound.My sg has 490-s on both and though I like the way they sound thick and creamy they would'nt be my first choice.I mignt even change them for P90's.I have a Big Apple Strat with a S.D.59er in the neck and aS.D. Pearly gates in the bridge with a 5 way switch and it could handle any type of music.
  5. I've bought 2 new Gibsons (a les paul trad standard pro,and a faded SG) in the past month and I love them and they are worth every penny I paid for them.Thanks for the Great American Product.Now I have to get that Advanced Jumbo I've been wanting.
  6. I've been wanting a Les Paul for a long time and this model made me pull the trigger.Tuners ,pickups, weight, It has all the features I wanted.JimmyPages Paul had very little flame on it buy the way, But I have to admit I wish this guitar did.
  7. I've played guitar for 40 years,do my own repairs and set ups ,have own100 guitars but I've never owned a SG.When Fender raised there prices and Gibson lowered the price of the SG I decided I had to buy one.I looked at about 7 or 8 and found the one.It set up perfectly and I'm REALLY digging it.Thanks for the great price Gibson.
  8. I have a Sovtek 2=12 slant cab that I have 2 Celestion relics in and it works for me.I dont play Metal so I have no problems with it at all.It was worth the money I paid for it for sure.
  9. Saw Johnny in 69 at the Detroit Rock +Roll revival ,saw Johnny Winters And at the Eastown in 1970.Talk about energy.I learned all my first blues licks from Johnny because he played every blues lick known to man in every solo he played.I knew I had something going when I could finally keep up with him.I tried to play his slide licks with out a slide because I did'nt realize that he was playing slide at the time.Him and Edgar put a album out in the early called where's your brother? .It was incredible.He'll allways be a guitar hero for this guitar player.
  10. Anybody who gets their news from 24 hour news stations should be waterboarded with water laced with swine flu.
  11. Anybody who likes cowbell that much should be tied up and made to watch Glen Beck.
  12. I'm about to pull the trigger on that one myself.Great amp.
  13. **** Cheney is a traitor and a war profiter.He should be in prison.Anybody who gets their news from CNN or Fox should be imprisoned also.And water boarded.And their patch cords shorted.
  14. kmartem

    Plain Top Fans?

    I was in the market for a Les Paul recently (last week) and I tried out at least 20 different guitars at 3 different stores.I ended up with one of those LP Traditional Standard Pro plain top models atG.C. because it had all the features I wanted even though for the same price I could have had the flame on a different model.I love this guitar and I dont miss the flame at all.Was'nt crazy about the zebra coils at first but now I've started to really think there groovy.
  15. This is a true story.Really. I bought a new Les Paul (havent owned one since 1978)I come on this forum and my ES135 avitar has been changed to a Les Paul and I did not do it...........Straaange.
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