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  1. When conducting trade through B2B websites such asEasyTrade.com, it’s important to look at some of the factors in your target market. Rather than venturing directly into the offshore market, every business firm should make a prior analysis about the feasibility of exporting its products. This process, which is termed as “assessing export readiness”, must be a systematic, unbiased and a properly planned procedure that can be useful in evaluating the viability of the product in international market. According to US Department of Commerce’s Export Qualifier Program, there are certain criteria that can determine the export readiness of the company and its products. There criteria can be broadly termed as organizational factors and motivational factors. Motivational Factors – One of the prime motivational reasons is business expansion. A successful export business requires a proper planning involving detailed market analysis, structured overseas partnership and developing an international sales and marketing strategy. Proper use of B2B websitesallows you to gain access into new markets for expansion. Competing in the international market provides an opportunity for the companies to get exposed to international standards, acquire new technologies, building long-term partnerships and improving the quality of their products. International customers demand superior quality products. Any company with a technologically advanced product can make a successful impact in the export sector. Organizational Factors – A successful export business is only possible with the commitment extended by the management towards their partners and customers. Management must ensure that adequate funding is available for supporting international business strategy on a long-term basis. Exportation would require funding as a working capital, for modifying products, providing short or long term credits tooverseas customers recruiting employees, communications, quality verification, shipment costs and traveling. Apart from this, management must actively participate in devising plans for overseas market, managing the programs and allotting well-qualified personnel for this purpose. The personnel must be versed with international trade regulations and better have the ability to communicate in the local language of the target market. Management must always concentrate on building plans that are aimed at building long-term international customer base, and providing deeper penetration into the market. They should always ignore any short-term profits. The business also has to make sure to capitalize on the ability to connect with new clients using websites oriented towardsB2B commerce. Apart from these, the company must have the resources and manufacturing facilities sufficient to cater the demand of the international market. There should be no compromise in the quality of the product even with an increase in the production capability of the company. Along with these criteria, a detailed market analysis must be done in order to determine whether the product would qualify for theinternational market
  2. With the growth of China's e-commerce, a number of foreign e-commerce sites optimistic about the development of China's B2B market have arisen, with<a href=http://www.easytrade.com> EasyTrade.com</a> being the most distinctive. There are still many problems that may be encountered by Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that utilize e-commerce. Understanding these problems will help your company to navigate them successfully. Below are several areas that e-commerce SMEs need to know about: 1. E-commerce for SMEs and the implementation of an overall plan: Before entering into e-commerce, companies should first try to understand what mechanism they will use to achieve their goal. That is, their business model, or to put it simply: what will you sell? To who? How will you sell it? How will you arrange the sale? 2. Selecting the target market and seizing the right opportunities: The target market is businesses who are servicing groups of customers. You need to determine the customers and the area or region you will service in order to decide on the kind of products you will use, and how you will carry out sales promotions as well as what characteristics you want in your web page design. E-Commerce is not like the traditional one-way marketing model, it is a two way marketing model, so your objective must be understanding whether your product is suitable for the various conditions of online consumers. 3. Strengthening website promotion and establishing a good corporate image: a corporate website is like a city, and the users of the site are like the city's population. Just as the urban environment and level of service in a city determine the city’s population, the population of a website depends on how you construct the site and the services that are offered. As a result, designing your site to promote e-commerce is necessary. There are many ways to promote a site, and these ways can be roughly divided into two categories. First, you can make use of traditional media such as newspapers, television, business cards, promotional t-shirts, product packaging and promotional websites. Second, you can use internet resources to promote the Website, placing links to the website on frequently visited websites, discussion groups, and e-mail. 4. Selecting the best methods of distribution and payment to cut down on costs and risks: The method of distribution and payment are two of the main problems facing e-commerce, and a company is unable to make definitive decisions regarding these issues on their own. You must adopt a flexible way to solve these issues. Cash on delivery is the payment method that is currently being used the most. You need to provide 3 options for delivery: EMS, UPS, and self delivery. 5. The establishment of an efficient information-gathering system: In the information age, whoever is the first to acquire information will be the one who succeeds in the market. For SMEs to successfully implement e-commerce, they must establish an efficient information-gathering system. Adopt a design for your website, establish a good database, collect information, analyze information, understand the market needs, trends, and the circumstances of self run businesses, how well the products are received online, etc. Thus, you can optimize the resources at your disposal, first and foremost in reducing costs and improving your results. 6. Providing top quality service and establishing a stable customer base: Nowadays, customers demand personalized service, and with network services you can provide customers with a brand new tools: tools that are available around-the-clock, updated in real-time, and interactive; tools that can analyze information and solve problems. These characteristics cater to the demands of the modern customer. Therefore, more and more enterprises are finally considering using e-commerce for marketing, making customer service and e-commerce inseparable. The development of e-commerce has profound and far reaching consequences, as people enter into an even greater information era. In this virtual space, a virtual society has been established, and along with it a new era of growth, an era where the idea of buying goods online will become commonplace. E-commerce is a completely new, ever-changing field, and with the rapid development of new techniques, enterprises need to continuously develop strategies and tactics to adapt accordingly.
  3. We often see that many b2B websites are emphasis on “how to attract the suppliers to join” as a key task. This is a misunderstanding. We should attract the factories or suppliers to join through various methods, but that is only strategy. The most essential point is that: B2B websitesupply business program is provided for the purchasers or buyers, all the things must take this point as the guideline. Now I want to talk about all kinds of the misunderstandings briefly! FIRST: put the purchase information in the most important position. According to the data shows that: buyers find the suppliers, 70%-80% buyers will choose to search and browse by category, only 20%-30% buyers will post buying information. From this we can see the amount of Buying Lead or Offer to Buy only occupies 30% of total buying needs. So if the purchase information is displayed on important position of B2B site, it will make the members find that pay member’s value only depend on the how much purchase information is being displayed. SECOND: Providing a larger amount order can attract more and more members to join During operating the websites, we often through all kinds of channel to find the orders for the members, For example: join other B2B website as member, copy the buying information from that site. Buy these information’s value is so low. Now we will analysis on posting the purchase information •The buyer who publish Purchasing Information: They are not able to source the related products through his friend, other B2B website or existing suppliers •The buyers may get the higher price quote from exiting suppliers. So he wants to purchase at the lower price •Let the suppliers bid his offer According with the above analysis, we can find out that the buying leads from the B2B websites is not the best. If we still keep the same thinking, you will find the it is very difficult to get the order, the offering price is very low. THIRD: Thinking the Buyers only want to see the pay members those who are always listed at top position People always senses that the first 3 – 5 pages of supplier and product information is always belonging pay members. We should ensure: the information in the front of 3-5 pages must be completely, abundant, we can through these information to understand the purchase buyers which information they want to get, they want to get which information depend on the industry. The information in the front 3-5 pages must be high trustable and quality. It means that why we put them in the front pages. It not only because the information is chargeable; The buyers does not care whether they are pay members. They care this member loyalty and honesty and the product’s quality. If free members also have this credits, they will also choose them. FOURTH: No need too much products and selling leads information from a Supplier Quality supplier and product information must be posted as more as possible. Within the search result pages, the quality information from supplier will be listed on first few pages. The reset pages will only for those who posted poor information.
  4. Sent and receive e-mail: sent and receive e-mail feedback at least twice. a day. Must ensure that give the reply to the feedback in time of beginning work time and off evening time. Due to the time difference, it is is much better if the sales person can handle the feedback at home. Because this can ensure the timeliness (some time you must be overtime, it’s inevitable in the evening, you can keep the same step with the clients, speed up the frequency of the communication, and get the business opportunity first) Do a good job in the customer information management (include buyer data), establish an Excel spreadsheet, put the entire customer’s information into the form, and also do well in the customer classification. Make inquiry content, high quality customers as a category A, and focus on customer tracking! But do not overlook the small customers, many small customer are from small to big, just like selling things. You want to make the first customer become the return and loyalty customers. You should know that everything is from small to big. Find the foreign buyer in the B2B website (to collate classification, for different clients to use different inquiry, do the simple, targeted! if you update regularly, product information will be appeared on the Home page) Update the website contents in each quarter regularly. And then put the information on the internet, or replace the image of product. This action Will let the buyer know that the latest company information, and attract the new customer. Send the company latest product information to all customers, there will be returns. According to the statistics, to develop a new customer need the cost equivalent to retain the ten customers cost. So when develop the new customer, remember don’t overlook the existing customers. Maybe you can send some card blessing to the customers; clients will feel very warm and pleasant on the co-operation. Business persons must follow up the inquiry and feedback weekly. You should hold a meeting every week to analyze, sum up the experience, improve the work system. Let the work simple and efficient. (Some corporation will give the enough time to communicate between staffs, make the meeting records, and cultivate team spirit and sense of competition and so on)
  5. Many foreign trade enterprises often tell: Many free B2B websites are useless, they must be choose the B2B website with charge. However I don't think so. If you can make the good use of free B2B website , and make good use of their values, I think it’s must be better than the chargeable B2B websites. So I want to share my opinions with the foreign trade enterprises as below: You should know that how to choose a B2B website, it means you are impossible to register many good B2B websites because your time and the energy must be not enough. So you will post some information to the websites casually. This action is not effective. In my opinion, about the promotion of the foreign trade , you need to spend half of scheduled time to do the analysis. First, you find a B2B website, of course you should know this business website’s background and some important data, and you should know that the following points: 1. The business website’s pageview: this can be searched in the ALEXA data query website. 2. Country or market focused (it’s very important because you want to push your products to which county or market, you should consider it meet your need or not? For example: if you want to look for some B2B websites, you can link to the Easytrade.com , I find that this is a good choice.. 3. What functions do they have in the web site for the members? The functions and features are important to the members’ communication via the B2B site. For example, in addition to the online contact form, some B2B sites provide Ask For Quote and Selling Offer[ /url] forms that moves daily paper operation to online. 4. To see if there are any comment and relevant information on-line, if you find that the website is fix for promotion needs, then you can spend more time and focus on it. Now I want to share some my personal opinions about how to get the largest value with make use of B2B websites as below: A. About post products When you post your products must be attention the keywords because the customer is base on the keywords to search the products, while one of the part is base on the keywords in the B2B sites. You can test post products, and then click on the site. If you find that the result is behind your comparison, you can adjust the appropriate keywords and then look at the ranking result again. B. About find the buyer Many persons go to<a herf=http://www.easytrade.com> B2B website</a> will find the buyer information directly, and also want to find the newest information. However you can find the buyer then make the inquiry. If you have enough time, sending the letter to them and ask whether they have sourced the right products, also tell them your contact information and website. It also means doing the promotion work about your website for the potential customers. There is another lesson on the website, that's enterprise database. Don't miss this chance; it's the best to search product name+importer or buyer to look for their buying information. C. About unable to see the buyer information to the free member on the B2B website. Only paying member can see the buyer information on the B2B website, including company name and contact information, in fact we can search “ company name ” or “contact person” to find the information you want to get on the search engine. if useless, you still can try to use “company name + product name + ‘buyer’” these method to find the information you want to get.
  6. EasyTrade.com is a global leading B2B web site with strong presence in Asia. Its philosophy is to provide "easy-to-use" platform, excellent but low cost services to all SMEs in the world. In order to further strength up the relationship with the clients, the program named Easy Credit is launched in 2008. The registered members can get Standard Membership easily for free. The original price of Standard Membership is USD 159. Procedures and Credits: 1. Register as EasyTrade Member 2. Login your account 3. Post your products into EasyTrade 4. Post your Offer to Sell (selling lead) into EasyTrade 5. Post your Offer to Buy (Buying lead) into EasyTrade 6. Submit the articles in Forum or EasyTrade College The credit for each activity is listed as following: 1. New member registration, 100 credits; 2. Post a new Product, 5 Credits; 3. Post a new Offer to Sell , 5 Credits; 4. Post a new Offer to Buy, 5 Credits; 5. Post a new Article in Forum, 5 Credits; 6. Post a new Article in EasyTrade College, 10 Credits; 7. Refer your friends to EasyTrade.com and register as member, 30 Credits; 8. Buy advertising service (USD 1 = 7 Credits); 9. Buy Fancy showroom, free Standard membership will be given; 10. Buy customized web site, free Standard membership will be given All registered members can enroll the Easy Credit program. Through the program, EasyTrade encourages all members actively post the information and share those with other members so as so generate more business opportunities. No matter you want to post your new products’ information or you want to share the experience of international trade, act it and get the credits reward. The more information you post, the more credits you get. EasyTrade provides an equal platform environment for all members. You don’t need to concern about you are a small company. However you will be treated as the same as other members. The more information you share with us, the Standard Membership will be rewarded and you will get more business opportunities for sure.
  7. Easytrade.com is a global business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce internationally renowned brands, is the world's largest international trade, the most activeonline trading market ne of thebusiness communityfocused on B2B trade platform development, e-Commerce, website building, and internet marketing. In addition, Easytrade.com will launch the next stage of development plan: providing small and medium enterprises (SMEs) DIY website to the China's foreign trade enterprisesSearch Engine Optimization(SEO), internet marketing and many other E-business solutions, using their own online platform, a series of internet marketing tools, and working with their partners to help small and medium enterprises’ overcome trade cold winter days. Easytrade.com has entered China domestic market last year. Its strategy is keeping low price for services and pushing easy-to-use platform to the local SMEs. With effective promotion in both international and domestic markets, their members can promote and sell the products more conveniently and quickly. Most of China local enterprises are facing the problems like capital shortage, RMB appreciation, down-turn of world market, and macro economic control. They try hard to seek a survival way as well as change the business models. However, those with weak competitiveness have to close the business. However the smart business men still have their ways to keep business running. They look for cost effective ways to promote and sell their products. Easytrade pushing ahead the entiree-marketing servicescurrently.These services seem “give carbon while snowing” to the SMEs and help them to overcome trade cold winter days successfully. On the other hand, Easytrade.com want to use these action to tell peoples that prices are no longer expensive forB2B trade of members. E-Commerce acts likes water and electricity in the business live. Whatever you are big or small, you need e-Commerce service. DON’T pay USD 500 for more per year just for a membership of e-Commerce platform. EasyTrade stresses in total solutions of internet marketing including B2B, B2C, website development, and internet marketing.
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