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  1. No offense but the ideas you've put forward would not help your problem they would make it worse.


    Do you mean capo marks on the back of the neck? If yes you might be able to steam them out or have someone steam them out for you.


    Unless it's a beater maybe take it to a shop? Or get set up to do some learning for a bit - good luck!


    Again - don't sand the back and don't use wood glue.

  2. I can't help with that thread but I can tell you that you need to shield the control cavity on your guitar to reduce the noise.


    Here's a youtube video that will get you started. Careful - the sound is loud and annoying at the beginning.


    The video isn't a perfect fit for your situation (strat copy not LP) but will give you the concepts you need to continue your research.


    Good luck,



  3. No offense but it's the wrong color, wrong tailpiece and wrong knobs for ES175. Tailpiece and knobs could have been changed but why would they have been? Knobs maybe. Tailpiece maybe, I guess.


    But you're still left with the color which looks an awful lot like a Gibson ES-125C.


    And my learned opinion is probably worth exactly what I just charged for it! Ha!


    Nice guitar though as long as it's not too expensive. Should be less than $2k - again in my opinion...


    Good luck (not being sarcastic)


  4. Had a chance to try these out today and unfortunately the pole piece spacing is different than on my existing (Seymour Duncan Antiquity) pickup.




    The covers look good though. If I didn't already have a pickup that I really really like in the guitar I'd just buy one of the Lindy Fralin P-90s that would fit.


    Just posting this so the next person along this path will have the info.

  5. There are lots of options re: replacement tuners. Google is your friend. If you're lucky you'll be able to find info somewhere re: the exact specs for the tuners you have already. Maybe (maybe) Gibson will even be able to help you. Then just search till you find replacements that fit. It's not a big deal to fill existing holes if you don't find ones that fit but I think you're making the right decision re: avoiding that.


    Some suppliers include:






    These suppliers might be able to help you find a match as well.


    Good luck!

  6. That would be the smart thing.. cept they wont sell you one.

    L5Larry is right. Tried to get a replacement TP for my ES165.

    They were very nice about it... but.. "Sorry.. no.. try StewMac or Allparts"


    I wish they would relent. What difference does it make to them? Even their new re-issues have the zig zag tailpiece I don't like. Found a cheap chinese one on eBay - have to see how that works out.


    Happy New Year!

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