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  1. I had previously seen the Gibson site description that the Deluxe had a baked maple fretboard but MF's description states rosewood which is why I called them to confirm what they had. I assumed they had what they claimed. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/gibson-les-paul-studio-deluxe-electric-guitar No big deal now that I have it. Just lost some confidence in them, that's all.
  2. I did get it. The selector switch was upside down and loose. Otherwise, it looks good and I do like it. Will post some pics later. BTW, it has a baked maple fretboard. Still looks great so I will handle it. However, now I'm a little PO'ed at MF. Running out of trusted music stores.
  3. That would really frustrate me. I hate returning anything but that needs to go back. Sorry for your experience. Not typical Gibson quality IMO.
  4. I have bought from Guitar Center, Musicians Friend and Sweetwater. The Sweetwater experience was top notch. My last purchase was from MF only because I wanted a Les Paul Studio that was exclusive with GC/MF. Not sure I will buy from them again if I can help it. Very impersonal experience. Sweetwater obviously puts in the time to properly train their associates. Also nice to be able to pick out a guitar from a mutiple view gallery. Most of us will have good / bad experiences with dealers so my advice is just make sure you buy from someone with a "no questions asked" / "no hassle", cash refund
  5. Went to GC today and all they had were baked maple fretboard models. Nothing wrong with that but their on-line description states rosewood and I have my heart set on rosewood. Was told that none were avaiable and not to try to find one but they just happened to have a used one for $1199. Would not dicker with me. In fact, they really put on the pressure including their additional warranty. Came home and called Musicians Friend and was guaranteed that their new guitars had rosewood. Ordered a new one from them for the same price as the used GC model. Feeling a little PO'ed at GC. I'll get o
  6. Very nice. I really want one. It has everything I want. Was going to settle for a Studio Deluxe 60's(still might) but really love the Traditional Pro. Congrats!!
  7. I am looking at the LP Studio Deluxe and wanted to get opinions from those with some experience with the model. I like the 60's slim neck and the coil splitting features. I plan on dropping by GC this weekend but wanted your up-front pros/cons. I believe it only comes in Heritage Cherry Sunburst or Vintage Sunburst colors, both of which I really like(difficult decision if I buy). Thanks in advance.
  8. Mine is definitely not the 50's neck. It is a slim neck and I really like that profile. The spec calls it a rounded mid 60's neck versus the slim tappered 60's neck of the 61' reissue. Glad you like your CC. It's next on my list.
  9. After more study, I think that the LP Classic Custom has everything I am looking for. The neck is similar to the SG Std and I want '57 PU's, which should compliment my SG's hotter 490R/498T's. Kinda like the wine red model since I don't see that many on the forum plus it will look good next to the heritage cherry SG, but mainly just thinks it's beautiful. Need to get to GC and hope they have one to see and play. Thanks-
  10. Which Les Paul has a neck similar to the rounded neck on the SG Standard?
  11. I am considering a Traditional to mate with my SG Std. I have had a LP Std on my "to get" list for a while but am now drifting towards the Traditional. I really like the Chicago Blue, not only because I think it's beautiful but also because it's different from what most seem to want or have. Any advice?
  12. I will repeat what I have heard and learned while shopping for acoustics. A mahogany guitar typically has a warmer mid tone than a rosewood which has a really nice low end tone. A rosewood body, say with a spruce top which gives high end clarity, has great low and top end tone but has a "scooped out" midrange that a mahogany typically fills. A voice is a mid-range "instrument" which would compliment the lower mids of rosewood.
  13. I have heard some awesome(to my ears anyway)J-200's that I would have bought had I had the jack at the time. I am in a similar boat, wanting a J-185ec Rosewood. I am in the beginning research stage but can't really find viable reviews. Local shops have many J-45's but few if any 185's to sample. I don't know a whole lot about anything but if something sounds good to your ear and you want it, buy it.
  14. After a lot of searching and youtubing, I think either the J-165 or 185 EC Rosewood will be my next gas relief. Went ahead and bought the Taylor 314ce for now. So many guitars, so little time.
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