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  1. Two well made, beautiful sounding guitars. Collection complete! 2011 ES-335 2012 J-45 True Vintage
  2. Hi, Anybody know what model/year this semi is? Thanks http://www.sbs.com.au/ondemand/video/11737667675/Rockwiz-Jack-Ladder-and-Loene-Carmen-Duet
  3. Thanks for the advice and honest answers to all my recent amateurish questions about my new J-45 True Vintage. Time to share a couple of photos.
  4. So I've taken all your advice offered on my other amateurish post about my new J-45 TV. Most importantly the guitar feels nice to play and sounds great so I'm going to keep it. However, a friend was playing it last night and noticed a tiny, tiny bubble/lump just above the sound hole. It dosen't feel soft and is about the size of the top of a small pea. My concern is that this will this get bigger or open up? Is this comman or normal? Thanks once again for all your advice.
  5. "WAS ALL THE RAGE IN THE SEVENTIES". That's great, take it back there then please. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GIBSON-J45-1964-VINTAGE-GIBSON-ACOUSTIC-/390532369539?pt=UK_Musical_Instruments_Guitars_CV&hash=item5aed8b0c83
  6. Oh man, that just cracked me up. Thanks.
  7. So as mentioned in another thread, I have just bought a new J-45 TV. It's almost perfect except for an extremely small chip in the finish on the neck. I love the guitar but I'm afraid I have a problem. Everytime I play it, the finish gets marks and scuffs on it. A button from my shirt rubbed it and left a small surface scuff which dosen't seem to come off. I'm scared to play it and seriously considering taking it back (five days left to return)! Is this a normal psychological condition experienced by new guitar owners or just me?
  8. So finally, here are a couple of photos. Thanks for all your replies.
  9. I'm having trouble attaching pictures but I think you can see the ripple I'm talking about. This is just below the bridge. Thanks.
  10. So to cut a long story short, I finally recieved a new 2012 J45 TV this morning (photos to follow). Looks perfect all over except for one small thing. When I look at the front of the guitar body, it appears to have some minor rippling running down the body. It sort of looks like a crinkle cut potato crisp (exaggerated). Is this normal folks or a sign of defect? Thanks once again.
  11. Cheers. Got it for £1799.00 which I think is a very good price here in the UK.
  12. Thanks for all your replies. However, I just got an e-mail from the store with a photo showing a crack in the back of the guitar. They wont send that one but have another unit in another store. I've seen photos of the new one which is also made in 2011. It looks nice but I'm a little sceptical and if it wasn't for the great price I would go elsewhere. Should I be concerned that this is a problem with the guitars having been made and sat in the store for over 12 months? Thanks again.
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