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  1. I've often found with things like this that either a tweet or a facebook post regarding the issue (and including a photo) can help you get a faster reply. Most companies don't like complaints being public
  2. Just another thing to bear in mind - I had a problem with some Brazilian song titles that used foreign characters (was something like "â") - I had to remove those or Quickgrid stalled at them. So might be worth checking.
  3. Looks like this would work for Mac if just the path was fixed (using forward slashes instead of back):
  4. Sorry if this has been addressed before but I searched and didn't find anything. Is there a reason that the "preview" button can't be in the browse/playlists windows? As it is currently, you need to press "Enter" to get the song info page, hit "Preview" to start and stop playback, then hit "Back" to get back to the browse/playlist window. Seems to me it would make more sense to have it in the blank spot on the browse/playlists pages, so you can quickly just preview a track without the extra clicks: I never use that "Info" page, so would love easier access to that preview function.
  5. I'm also wondering about this - doesn't seem to make any difference if I check that option, still goes through every tune and copies it to the drive. Or is this only meant for local use?
  6. Shame this is Windows only, would love something like this. Come on Stanton, give us a simple app like this for preparing our own beatgrids!
  7. Yup, and I really can't see it being a big deal to implement, seeing as that full waveform is already generated on the alternate homepage. It's just sitting there waiting to be pulled into the zoomed version!
  8. Finally got around to updating my unit to this latest firmware. Have to say it's great, so good job! The only things now stopping this from being 100% (as far as I'm concerned) are the lack of a full waveform on the home screen, as per this mock-up I did a while back: ...and then making Quickgrid a fully fledged app like Rekordbox where we can manually adjust BPM's, cue points and the beat grid positioning etc. It still totally fails on getting a large percentage of my tracks correctly analysed, so I seldom get to use loops and beat-synced effects: You really wouldn't need to do any more to the unit itself if you could make it so we can use QuickGrid to arrange everything before transferring to the unit - set up playlists (and make folders), set cues and beatgrids etc, then save to USB and away you go. It's sooooo close to being my 100% perfect setup right now!
  9. Yeah, I've been asking for this for a while. I don't see why the full waveform from the alternate homepage couldn't be added to the position bar, as per this mock-up I made a while back:
  10. Yup, this is definitely the same issue, and I can imagine it causing a serious problem if playing with a band! I'm guessing that now they have reproduced the issue, it'll be fixed in the next update.
  11. BUMP! Still getting this with the latest firmware - any word on when it's gonna get fixed?
  12. Yup, the info in this thread is a year old now and is referring to the first version of the firmware.
  13. Yeah, it will only analyse tunes that haven't been analysed previously, so if it's all been done before hand on the PC, then the unit itself won't have anything to do. I just leave it off anyways. I guess it also needs to check that everything has been analysed if it's enabled, so might add a tiny delay to the startup time (although I'd love confirmation on that)?
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