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  1. Hi - I'm interested in the J-45 TV. Are there ANY blemishes/scratches/dings other than typical pick marks?

  2. Oh my.... I am so close to pulling the trigger on this model... I am such a fan of 12 frets, and I love the small sunburst pattern.. I have never bought an NEW acoustic before.. Always buy used, always... But this one is really getting to me.. Man oh man..
  3. My '44 J-45 looks like it was someone's beater once... Now it just hangs out next to my couch..
  4. Here is a quote from Hogeye from 2012: It's pretty obvious. The Fullerplast has a orange peel look. Just look at the finish from a side view not straight on. You will see the dimpled look. The Fullerplast never gets a high gloss shine to it. If it's early 1990 it's Fullerplast if it's later 1990 early 1991 it's nitro. They switched to Nitro in the later part of 1990. This makes it very close to the date of June 12, 1991. Anyone else now any more detail?
  5. From what I've read it was very difficult to repair. And the spray booth originally in "89 Montana was setup for Fullerplast.. Here is a link to some good reading until Hogeye replies.. http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/66845-when-did-the-first-acoustics-come-out-of-bozeman/
  6. When did Gibson change over from spraying with Fullerplast to Nitro? I'm looking at purchasing a Gibson AJ with birthday of June 12, 1991. Thanks so much Joseph
  7. Yes, this is very good info..
  8. I'm in the middle of considering this as a trade and am wondering if anyone here knows anything about this one... http://www.acousticguitarforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=354302&highlight=gibson+J-35+brazilian The new owner is pretty sure it was built by Kevin Kopp when he was in the Custom Shop.. Some questions I have are.. How did the custom shop operate back in 2003..Do you think this is a hide glue construction? The seller is a great guy so I don't doubt any of the info that he's given me.. Just wondering if anyone here knows anything about this.. Also I concerned about what the value would be if I don't like it and decide to sell it later... Thanks so much Joseph
  9. Okay I just played all three of these side by side at my local shop (Tall Toad Music). Gibson L-00TV Limited, 1928 Blues Tribute L-1, and the Keb Mo sig... I loved all three.. I really, really wanted to love the L-1, but every time I went back to the L-00TV I was fixed on it. Wow, it just won me over.. I think it was mostly the neck shape..and 14 frets... The L-1 and Keb Mo are both 12 frets and both have a chunkier neck.. A lot of folks are going to like that chunky neck but there is something so right about the L-00TV neck that is a perfect fit for my hands... Man oh Man, can't stop thinking about it.. I got it bad... Might have to sell my J45TV to get it.. Wow..
  10. The reason I ask is because I just played a L00 TV Limited of 1 to 40 and a Keb Mo at my local shop (Tall Toad) and was blown away by them.. i really can't stop thinking about them... But there is something about the L1 body shape that is calling me.. I would imagine the L1 is very close to these two that I played... Man, can't stop thinking about it..
  11. Has anyone tried one of these out? What are your thoughts? Are these a regular production model now?? Thanks Joseph
  12. I am seriously thinking about getting the JB. But first I must sell my SJ200TV, which pains me.
  13. How do I get a hold of Gibson. Can't find any contact phone number on their web site. Maybe I'm missing it.
  14. I read somewhere here that the 2007 came with Sitka, 2008 special run of 167 came with Red Spruce and from then on - Red Spruce.
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