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  1. Dear Forum, I am trying to trace my old black LP custom that I bought from Rock Bottom in Croydon, South London in 1976 and sold to a second hand shop in Barking (East London) to fund a trip to India in 1979. The serial number was 967259. Does anyone know of its whereabouts, or can anyone advise any other way to try and find her? Cheers, PS: Apologies if this should be in the 'Custom' forum, but it didn't list the LP Custom as included?
  2. Hi Forum, Anyone know where I can get a guitar strap like Jimmy Page's. I'm sorry I haven't got a picture but he always seems to use the same strap,which looks like wide black leather and is plaited (braided), If you know it, you know it. Anyone know where they come from? Thanks for any advice.
  3. Ren

    Keep the box!

    Hi Forum, A suggestion to all buyers of Gibson guitars - keep the box the guitar came in! You never know if you'll need to send it back under warranty. Out of seven LPs I've owned, four have had to be returned under warranty. 1: My first LP Custom (1974): Had to go back as all the gold fell off. Gold parts replaced 2: 08 Standard: Had to go back to Gibson Europe: Fingerboard wood shrinkage! Guitar replaced 3: 08 Standard: Had to go back to Gibson Europe: Neck PUP not fitted square to neck. Guitar replaced 4: 2010 Jimmy Page #2: Shipped back to Gibson Europe: Electrical fault. Guitar still with Gibson service Now each time, the warranty service has been excellent, so no complaints there. I just wish the factory (both USA and Custom) could get their quality control right so they didn't have to go back in the first place - I mean 4 out 7 returns just for me must be costing the factory a fortune! I'm also none too happy that my new JP2 has to go all the way to the Netherlands to be serviced - seems crazy there isn't a service centre in the UK. If you think I might be too nit-picky, only one of my returns could be considered as cosmetic only (number 3 above). So, even though it might take up a lot of room in your attic, you'll be pleased you kept the box if things go wrong! cheers, ren
  4. Have you thought about the British Blackstar HT-5 combo - 5W, all valve - glorious overdriven tones at a not too deafening volume. £299 in UK - don't know what price in the US. http://www.blackstaramps.co.uk/products/ht-5/ht-5.html
  5. Thanks for all the really kind and supportive words folks. I'm still in a kind of aura with this guitar and can't think too objectively about it, but the 'standard' sounds from the PageBucker are somethin else. Love and peace to everyone. PS: Does anyone know of any sites that discuss the PU mods on the JP2. I think you can buy a kit to mod a standard LP...? Anyone know any details?
  6. I don't know. But the retail of the JP2 in the UK is £5,699. The price is the same which ever dealer you look at so obviously the price is being well controlled by Gibson - which is fair enough.
  7. ... by the way, I didn't make it clear - it wasn't on this forum I read all the crap. It was on sites of guitar dealers advertising the guitar where they have kind of forum things for people to leave comments. Most of the folks here are far more discerning - thankfully. On the signature thing, you know what? 6 months ago I used to go around saying I'd never own a signature guitar - it's sad - I wanna make my own history. Unfortunately, call me a hypocrite, but all that went straight out the window when they released the JP2 VOS (I actually had a picture of this guitar in my lavatory/toilet/bathroom that I gaze at - how could I resist? However, I wouldn't have wanted the 'aged' version as, for me, that's going too far - I want to put my own dings in it, but teh gentle ageing of teh VOS is superb, and just makes it feel really special. I've now formally changed my stance on sig guitars to: I don't like sig guitars that are covered in garish paint-jobs and have the artist's name emblazoned all over it. The JP2 is really subtle for a sig (well at least my unsigned VOS one is), even the two switches under the scratchplate are tucked away and virtually invisible when off. Cheers
  8. Hi Forum, My JP#2 VOS arrived all the way from america to its new home in west sussex, uk yesterday. Serial numbewr JP#2 122. It's still getting used to the family. It's like when we first got our labrador - she just sat in the corner staring at us. This LP feels the same - an awesome presence in the room. I couldn't even play it last night - just had to sit and stare at it. Anyway, some facts: weight 9lbs 3oz (quite heavy), finish is 'PageBurst', a beautiful sort of reddish honeyburst. I have an R9 VOS and this JP is substantially more VOSified, e.g. the bridge on the R9 looks fairly newish, but the JP one looks like it's lived in a smoke-filled brothel in Berlin for 40 years - cool! The flaming is subtle, reflecting Page's, though the maple cap on mine also carries a distinctive 'eye' in the top half (I'll always know which one's mine). Overall the guitar has a lovely 'antiquey' look to it that exudes quality. The neck is wonderful, quite a bit slimmer than my 'clubby' R9 and a bit more like my 335 (and acoustic Martin D28), beautifully finished in the fretting. Action at 1st string, 12th fret is 1mm, on 6th string is 1.35mm, neck relief is around 3-4 thou - really quite flat. There's no buzzing - it's truely beautifully set up and feels better than any of the seven LPs I've owned. An unusual white nylon nut - all very cleany cut due to the PLEK'ing. Unusually the neck is almost black at turn where it meets the body (suppose this was a reflection of the neck modding that Jimmy Page had done?). As to the weird sounds you can get from all the switch variations, it's too early for me to get my head round them, but some of the sounds did lead me off into random jams, which is always a good sign. I want to understand better technically what they do, so if anyone can point me to an article on the switching that'd be good. Now I know that some folks will say "Look he's just spent nearly six grand (pounds) on a guitar, he's bound to say it's good", but in all honesty this is the best LP I've owned or played in terms of quality, finish and sounds out of the seven others I've owned (which includes LP Custom, 02 Standard, 08 Standards and my current (until the JP) R9 VOS). DEFENSIVE BIT While I was waiting for the guitar to arrive I was obviously avidly reading any posts relating to it, and I just couldn't believe how negative nearly all the posts were. Apparently I must be a collector who never plays the guitar, I've got more money than sense, I'm a sucker for the Gibson marketing, I'm just an overall idiot. Well don't call me defensive, but I would like to take the opportunity offered by the official Gibson forum for saying what a load of abolute b******s some peole talk and f**k off to all of you. I've worked really hard all my life, owned LPs since I was 19, been in love with JP since I was 14, I receive a moderate salary but save for things I want, I have a wife and two young children for which I am responsible. Music (beside my family) is the most important thing in my life. I'm not a collector but a player, and I'm not rich, but there is a definite road I've followed which has lead to me to this guitar in my search for the best quality from a Gibson (I've had a few that have had their problems). Some will say I'm a sucker but I do believe in the Gibson dream - I always have since I first saw Page as a teenager and wanted a guitar like his and discovered the brand. OK we know about all the QC issues and all that, but when buying a Gibson, you're buying into a culture, a heritage, a tradition, a dream (like buying an Italian car - you expect bits to drop off, but they'll still great). If that's not for you, fine, go away but don't criticise me if buying Les Pauls and making music is the worst I do. After all these years, I seem to have found my dream. So any dissenters - go fry! END OF DEFENSIVE BIT OK, some piccies (happened to get some sunshine in England this February morning. Note the close up of the back of the headstock showing the original holes, unfilled, that would have held Klusons. Also, note the one of it next to my R9 VOS - makes it look really blingy! Cheers and love and peace to all
  9. OOooh er..... am I excited or what! My new Jimmy Page #2 LS VOS should now be at home waiting for me! I've sold my wife, er I mean told my wife she is forbidden to open the box. Even when I get home, not sure I'll have the courage to open the case - it scares me. I'll put some piccies up just as soon as I can. I wonder what serial number it'll be... Love and peace.
  10. That's really bad news! Defintely get a new one. You can't live with a guitar once you notice this sort of thing - it ruins the pleasure that you have the full right to enjoy with an LP. I've had personal experience of getting a replacement LP via Gibson under warranty and I can only say they pulled all the stops out for me (not the dealer - they were useless, irrelevant of what UK law says). Just pressurise the dealer to actually ship the guitar to Gibson, or better, keep hassling Gibson Europe so they pressure the dealer if necessary. In any event, this is a real hassle, but rest assured Gibson will look after you once they get to see the guitar. ALthough Gibson Europe is in Netherlands they have UK reps that can come round to the dealer to verify teh claim, and then Gibson can send you one direct. By the way, I thought these standards were made of one-piece mahogany, so what's going on anyway - is it actually Gibson or a fake? Cheers and good luck
  11. Because I am a complete impulsive sucker - that's why. Cos after 2 x 08s which were no good I was desparate to get a good one and I thought custom shop was the way to go - I trusted the custom shop hype, and cos here in the UK there were only about two R9s in the country. I LOVE Les Pauls - irrationally - I only wish the QC was as good as PRS (or even Fender for that matter). I also love my wife, but she's not perfect!
  12. I think the QC of Gibsons is very bad. I had to return two 08s due to QC problems (first was neck shrinkage, second was that the neck pup was not set at right angles to the neck), so decided to get an R9 thinking that the quality would at last be outstanding. I do love my R9 - it sounds and plays great but 4 things: 1: The control cavity plate sticks proud due to excess gunk in the recess (had to take a Dremel to it!). 2: There's a ding in the holly veneer of the headstock. 3: When removing the control cavity plate, the paint and varnish overspill is excessive and looks entirely amateurish. Really surprised amd disappointed me. 4: The maple top flaming was better on all my previous standards. The overall QC of the custom shop does not seem to be any better that the USA ones - this is my personal experience. Still after all my woes, I decided to keep the R9, though I do firmly believe that Gibson are firmly sitting on their laurels and it's only because of obsessd folks like me that they seem to stay in business. I completely agree with the comment about the custom shop standards should be at least the 'standard' standard. It is all marketing hype that I fall for (including me!).
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