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  1. btw, I should have mentioned above. I am currently reading the Carlos Santana autobiography, "The Universal Tone. Bringing my story to light". Must reading for any Santana fan.
  2. It is because of Mr. Santana that I am (trying to) learning guitar. I have seen him live 10-20 times and always a memorable, almost spiritual, experience. The last time I saw him was a couple years ago here in Lincoln. I knew it was going to be an unbelievable evening when he started with Toussaint L'Ouverture.
  3. Congrats BDuke. It sounds great. Enjoy it for years.
  4. Well, that I can not argue with!!!!!
  5. kidblast, that is food for thought and I appreciate your taking the time to suggest that. I don't know what strap I had on it. I don't have any strap on it now. But I'm not going to play it anymore. I'm either going to sell it or just stick it in a corner in case my granddaughter continues her interest in playing guitar and wants to try electric. Thanks again.
  6. Post surgically I bought a Casino Coupe because of weight restrictions I was on. It served its purpose very well. I could sit on the edge of my bed and I had a small practice amp on the night stand. And I could drive my wife crazy with my practicing. And I really got to like the P-90's sound. After the two months of the weight restrictions I went back to playing my other guitars. All due respect to the little Casino, I just had other guitars I chose to pick up. This was over a year ago. Then, at some point, I decided to pick up the Casino again. I have no idea why. Just on a flu
  7. Shockingly, no one has mentioned SKB Cases. When you say "Flight case for it" are you wanting TSA compliant locks? I have the TSA002 and have flown with it, with my Strat, many times without incident. I love it. My Strat is far from my #1 guitar anymore but when I travel it is always my travel companion purely because I have this case. I can travel knowing it is safe. BTW, yes, I always check it. Even if I'm not flying it's the one that goes with me. I throw it in the back seat and where ever I end up going it can get knocked around and I know the hard case is protecting it.
  8. You smart ***! He want's to know more specifically than that! It's an ebony acoustic guitar.
  9. My first response has to be concerts, plural, since there were so many of them in one location, at the Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea: We ran from Joe Bonamassa, to Eric Gales to Joanne Shaw Taylor to Markus King Band to Kirk Fletcher to so many others I can't remember. Such a great time we're going back in 2018. But if I were forced to choose one "stand alone" concert from 2017 maybe it would be Mike Zito. An awesome guitarist and he puts on a great show. And he is a hell of a nice guy.
  10. All great points, Versatile. Thank you. Especially the one about Johnny Winter. Minis seemed to work for him, didn't they? I'll continue to think on this. I did go to Seymour Duncan's site and they have a lot of educational resources there. Thanks again.
  11. Are they the same size? Will P-90's fit in the opening where the mini's were? I didn't think so. If that is the case I will definitely look at some P90's for it. Thanks for the reply.
  12. I have a 1972 Gibson 325 that I absolutely love playing. It's really a toss up between it and my PRS Pauls for which one I want to grab first. I've had it about a year and despite how much I love the feel I have just never loved the tone. It's ok; maybe just a little thin. It's growing on me but I am half thinking of changing out its mini-humbuckers for something fuller. I'm looking for suggestions. I don't even know enough to know what I can change them out with. Mini-humbuckers are actually single coils as I understand. But they are different size than typical single coils as in a
  13. And the 1964 Gibson Firebird V sells today. They are estimating it at $200,000 - 300,000 and haven't gotten a bid on it yet.
  14. I almost always watch the Tuesday night Live Lesson with Steve Krenz of Gibson Learn and Master Guitar. Jack Pearson has been a guest on there at least once and it seems that is all he plays is a Squier. He certainly has the resources, I would think, to play whatever he wants. In fact, I would think he would have a signature guitar from somebody. I'll see him on the Bonamass cruise and I'll see what he is playing!
  15. His name is Bob Wood. From another forum I frequent: "It shows an 80-year-old guitarist by the name of Bob Wood performing "B├ęsame Mucho" on an Epiphone archtop (Looks like a Sheraton to me; someone please feel free to chime in, in the comments). The video was shared yesterday, October 8, by British Audio Service in Nashville, with the header, "This guy rules. Mr. Bob Wood, ladies and gentlemen." Update (October 21): Since then, the original post has garnered about a million views, making Wood something of an internet sensation. To see what all the fuss is about, check out the cli
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