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  1. btw, I should have mentioned above. I am currently reading the Carlos Santana autobiography, "The Universal Tone. Bringing my story to light". Must reading for any Santana fan.
  2. It is because of Mr. Santana that I am (trying to) learning guitar. I have seen him live 10-20 times and always a memorable, almost spiritual, experience. The last time I saw him was a couple years ago here in Lincoln. I knew it was going to be an unbelievable evening when he started with Toussaint L'Ouverture.
  3. Congrats BDuke. It sounds great. Enjoy it for years.
  4. Well, that I can not argue with!!!!!
  5. kidblast, that is food for thought and I appreciate your taking the time to suggest that. I don't know what strap I had on it. I don't have any strap on it now. But I'm not going to play it anymore. I'm either going to sell it or just stick it in a corner in case my granddaughter continues her interest in playing guitar and wants to try electric. Thanks again.
  6. Post surgically I bought a Casino Coupe because of weight restrictions I was on. It served its purpose very well. I could sit on the edge of my bed and I had a small practice amp on the night stand. And I could drive my wife crazy with my practicing. And I really got to like the P-90's sound. After the two months of the weight restrictions I went back to playing my other guitars. All due respect to the little Casino, I just had other guitars I chose to pick up. This was over a year ago. Then, at some point, I decided to pick up the Casino again. I have no idea why. Just on a fluke and because it sat there looking at me seemingly lonely. I was playing standing and doing that the guitar felt horribly neck heavy. So much so I haven't played it again. Maybe if I played it more I would learn how to compensate. (I was going to sell it. But I have a granddaughter, 10 years old, that just decided she wants to play guitar. I bought her a parlor acoustic to learn. If she continues to show interest and wants to try electric this would be perfect size for her to try. So I'm keeping it possibly for that.) Maybe it was me. If you're considering the Coupe I encourage you to try it in a store and see if you experience the neck diving.
  7. Shockingly, no one has mentioned SKB Cases. When you say "Flight case for it" are you wanting TSA compliant locks? I have the TSA002 and have flown with it, with my Strat, many times without incident. I love it. My Strat is far from my #1 guitar anymore but when I travel it is always my travel companion purely because I have this case. I can travel knowing it is safe. BTW, yes, I always check it. Even if I'm not flying it's the one that goes with me. I throw it in the back seat and where ever I end up going it can get knocked around and I know the hard case is protecting it.
  8. You smart ***! He want's to know more specifically than that! It's an ebony acoustic guitar.
  9. My first response has to be concerts, plural, since there were so many of them in one location, at the Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea: We ran from Joe Bonamassa, to Eric Gales to Joanne Shaw Taylor to Markus King Band to Kirk Fletcher to so many others I can't remember. Such a great time we're going back in 2018. But if I were forced to choose one "stand alone" concert from 2017 maybe it would be Mike Zito. An awesome guitarist and he puts on a great show. And he is a hell of a nice guy.
  10. All great points, Versatile. Thank you. Especially the one about Johnny Winter. Minis seemed to work for him, didn't they? I'll continue to think on this. I did go to Seymour Duncan's site and they have a lot of educational resources there. Thanks again.
  11. Are they the same size? Will P-90's fit in the opening where the mini's were? I didn't think so. If that is the case I will definitely look at some P90's for it. Thanks for the reply.
  12. I have a 1972 Gibson 325 that I absolutely love playing. It's really a toss up between it and my PRS Pauls for which one I want to grab first. I've had it about a year and despite how much I love the feel I have just never loved the tone. It's ok; maybe just a little thin. It's growing on me but I am half thinking of changing out its mini-humbuckers for something fuller. I'm looking for suggestions. I don't even know enough to know what I can change them out with. Mini-humbuckers are actually single coils as I understand. But they are different size than typical single coils as in a Strat, correct? I don't want to do any routing or modification to the guitar. I don't care about devaluing the guitar; I will never sell it. I just don't want to tear it up. Nor would I. I'm sure if and when I change them I will pay someone to do it. I'm just looking at what my candidates are for different Pups and suggestions. Primarily it is used for blues & blues/rock. And just home use. I'll never gig. Thanks. Btw, I didn't know if this was the correct forum or "Gibson Gear" or "Vintage" or "Gibson Repair Restoration". I'm still not sure if I stuck it in the right place.
  13. Well, it feels great. With the mini-humbuckers the tone is perhaps a little crisper than I expected. I need to work with the tone controls to learn to dial in a little better what I like.
  14. I know you saw this when I just posted my "NGD" post. But I thought I should probably add to this thread. (OK. Let's be honest. I wanted to show this off again. )
  15. Thanks everyone for the comments. I am loving it. Now if I could just learn to play it! But, as we all know, a NGD enthuses us and gives us incentive to practice some more. Thanks again. Thanks 4H. You know what I'm going through then. I got a spinal injection on Tuesday and it was brutal Tuesday nite. The day I got my new guitar! :angry: I actually had my wife bring me a little practice amp next to my bed and I tried playing it a little bit on the side of the bed. But it is now getting better. But the spinal injection was both therapeutic and diagnostic. Overall, it didn't help much so I'm not sure what's next. Thanks again for the comment.
  16. I've now had it home for a few days and I have to say I am thrilled with my decision. I was apprehensive, of course, about buying a guitar without playing it. But I put a lot of confidence in Steve's and Greg's (Greg Voros, Gruhn Guitars Chief Luthier)descriptions and my confidence was very well rewarded. First off, the appearance. Steve said that it wasn't nearly as bright red as it showed on the Gruhn website. That it was a lot prettier, deeper red and that is definitely the case. I love the color and the grain. As you can see, compared to the Gruhn's photos above, it is a gorgeous dark cherry red with beautiful grain. As I was unpacking it my wife commented on what a pretty color it is. For a 1972 it is shockingly unblemished. Greg went to great lengths to describe any nicks on it and with one exception I can not find any that he described. On the headstock, on the edge between the nut and the first tuner is a small blemish. Remember the old days when guitar players would put their cigarette under the strings there? It might be from that. But that's it!! Playability: I hooked it up to my little Boss JS-8 first rather than my Blues, Jr. I wish I could describe how it felt. I now have a handful of guitars but it feels entirely unlike any of my others. I don't know if it's the slim neck profile; it very possibly is. But I love the feel of it. And I love the tone of the mini-humbuckers. I haven't had the opportunity to play it as much as I would like. But I will! I am currently working on "Silver Bells" in the Gibson Learn and Master Song Hits and I am going to post my recording of that with my new guitar! I am disappointed in the weight. It is heavier than I expected. But that is unquestionably due to my not managing my expectations. And it is definitely lighter than my other guitars except the Epi Casino Coupe. With the play-ability, tone and weight this is definitely, for now, my "main axe"! Thanks again everybody for looking and sharing my excitement.
  17. Thank you. Sheez! I guess I was excited It's in Omaha! Should be out for delivery tomorrow! Not that I am monitoring its progress on the UPS website every few minutes
  18. My mistake. corrected & thank you. "For those that don't know a 325 is a hollow body as opposed to a semi-hollow like a 335.
  19. I didn't know if this should go here or in the "Vintage" subforum. But I stuck it here. I have been looking for something really light. Two spinal surgeries last year and the potential of a 3rd here in the next couple months will do that. And I'm a huge BB Fan. The other night Steve Krenz on the Gibson Learn and Master Tuesday night Live Lesson from Gruhn Guitars grabbed a 1972 Gibson ES-325 off the wall for the lesson. He raved about what a gorgeous guitar it was and after he played about 4 bars I was in love. I knew I would be calling Gruhn's the next morning. For those that don't know a 325 is a hollow body as opposed to a semi-hollow like a 335. Still a slim-line with mini-humbuckers instead of humbuckers. I might have been concerned about the sound being a little tinny (for me) had I not heard it. And I discussed it with Steve. He had backed the tone off about half and it sounded great. Well, it's on a UPS truck heading my way
  20. What kind of neck surgery? And keep us posted on how it goes. I have been putting off spinal surgery for about as long as I can. We are going to try spinal injections but if that doesn't resolve it then I'm going to have the surgery. Good luck! If you let kids and work, etc. interfere with your practice time you clearly have your priorities messed up! :angry:
  21. Well don't you think we can all give that one an "Amen, Brother"!
  22. Santana Shape Shifter. He is back to what he does best - instrumentals with no guests. Great, great album.
  23. Excellent point. About the tv. What a waste of mind numbing time. I am 64 years old and have been back at the guitar for about 10 months now. I practice 2-3 hours per day but the goal is always a minimum of two. I am learning guitar with the Gibson Learn and Master Guitar course. Each morning I get up before my wife, make coffee and then practice for one hour with headphones as to not wake her. Each evening from 9 to 10 I go upstairs and practice for one hour while she watches tv. These two practice times are not negotiable. Each day I try to throw in an hour of fun guitar playing. Trying to learn a song from Learn and Master Song Hits or anything else fun. This hour doesn't always happen but I try and squeeze it in when possible.
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