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  1. Neither-get a ES-335, best all around guitar ever built.
  2. I have one for playing records and another that is a USB turntable for recording all my old stuff to DVD/CD format. I was a DJ in the 60's at a radio station so I have 100's of albums that are never played bcause they are already transferred to DVD/CD. Both still work fine,The Technics SL-D2 has been working great for 25 years
  3. The Rolling Stones are dropping ticket prices.....
  4. Desert Burst-mainly cause I own one....
  5. When I was a young man a local FM stereo radio station in my area used to have a two hour program every Tuesday nite called "New Release Night and they would play the new releases back to back with no commercial interruption. About the same time the first stereo cassette recorders were available on the consumer market-This lasted about two years and nobody had to buy the new release records any more.One person would tape the new material and it was copied over and over by friends,and eventually the record distributors managed to get the radio show cancelled-I dont think I bought a new lp or cassette tape in that entire timeframe,because it was free,courtesy of the advent of these recorders.Lawsuits came up but as long as you werent copying the material for resale there was nothing illegal about it-in fact I still have some cassettes that I play regularly that were sourced from that radio show. Once a artist signs up with a recording company all the copyright ownership belongs to the record company and distribution company-There are a few exceptions,Like Rolling Stone Records where they owned all rights to their "product" and became very wealthy. Others signed over the writing,production and distribution to these companies and only got a small % of the proceeds-granted there is a great deal of money rolled into the studio time,recording and distribution of this music but it is a fairly short list of performers that own the whole product-I learned long ago that you have to be a businessman first and rocknroll artist second-the formula has been pretty successful!
  6. In 1964 I went to a Rolling Stones show,and Brian Jones played the lead riff in Susie-Q-that was it for me,started taking lessons then and never stopped
  7. been away for a while restoring my 66 Mustang-My family could not take my 2x12's anymore so I bought a little Epi tube amp, a Epi Valve Jr and it works good for me-doesnt cost much and sounds ok for what it is.
  8. I read the forum all the time,but only log in if I have a need to comment.It's been months since I logged in and it seems to work fine
  9. 1. Epiphone Blond Dot-great sounding semi-acoustic 2. My Fathers service award wristwatch (engraved) 3. A huge collection of LP albums (1960 era releases) 4. restored 1968 Austin Healey Sprite
  10. The Rolling Stones Seattle Center Colliseum July 20th 1966-ticket price $3.00-I still have the ticket stub
  11. When I was a young kid,most of the popular music was real strong with horns and piano.I was over at a friends house and his dad was getting rid of a bunch of old records-45 rpm stuff-one of these was a old Chess 45 featuring Elmore James-I think he only played 3 chords but it lit me on fire. been a fan ever since!
  12. At 65 years old,I think the first two songs were off a Ray Charles 45 rpm record of my older sister-"I got a woman" and "what'd I say" this was about 1957 or 1958-great stuff; I knew it was good because my mom just hated it Not really R&R,but it was my first journey into 8 and 12 bar bluesy stuff-and I still love it today
  13. In 2006,a fellow guitar player friend of mine and myself stopped at a guitar shop we were driving by. I went in picked out a Epi Dot in Natural finish - built in Korea and it is my favorite guitar after a setup. To this day I still bang away on this thing,best semi-hollow body I have ever played-I love the sound of this guitar! With hard shell case it was $465 with polyurethane finish and all-awesome sounding guitar
  14. The only real spanish castle magic was closed and demolished in 1968-its a Texaco gas station now
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